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The Flaws with Free Online Games

The Flaws with Free Online Games

  The internet is a venue for many opportunities. This is the reason why many people cannot live without it. Entertainment, for instance, is one aspect that the internet brings. Gaming has now become a common activity being enjoyed today because of the many freebies that people can enjoy. Internet users and gamers love the […]

Dream of

Dream of – Every time I see you A distant yearning becomes an obsession I long for winter nights, together, close A nice fire burning, warm, like you, caring Not thinking but feeling Holding you, feeling, your heart beating. Looking in your eyes, drifting with your dreams, thoughts Wanting to never see you hurt, protecting […]

All things considered (Little sappy something for the nerds)

I look for the one with the oxygen saturated liquid To pass the fluid generously into the wanting I need the gas exchange But only one holds the sweet nectar I require And when he’s not around I begin to suffocate He is what makes my heart pump and pound… He is what makes the […]

Paranoia: by imnogeek

Paranoia My bottom’s too big, my hair doesn’t grow, I wear pretty hats – so my dandruff won’t show, I tend to get pimples and big yellow zits, I have a small chest (well you can’t call them tits!) My eyebrows are bushy, my mouth is too wide, my legs are too bandy (if you […]


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