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The Facts about Google Page Rank

OK…we touched a little on Alexa…now Google… Google Page Rank is not a good indicator of traffic, not a good indicator of how well a site is built, or how well a site is maintained…it is a lousy indicator of whether or not you should advertise on a site. Let’s say I have 50 apples […]

The Facts about your Traffic: Alexa

The Facts about your Traffic: Alexa

First off…don’t even bother about those ‘ i got my brains from a box of Cracker Jack ‘ Alexa haters…Alexa is a very good tool to determine traffic and they recently improved it to make it even better… generally, as I said in the last post this is how it boils down: anything over 1,000,000 […]

Obama Wins the Presidency

OK…so I’m jumping the gun a little…but I might as well go out on a limb and make the prediction now…Obama defeats Hillary and then defeats McCain for the Presidency. Of course it becomes crucial that Obama wins Ohio ( which he will ), California, NY, Penn, and Florida ( which he will )…McCain takes […]


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