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Ethisphere Announces the 2009 World’s Most Ethical Companies

Ethisphere has got to be one of the most useless ‘ think-tanks ‘ there is…this list of ethical companies reads like a sponsored, or perhaps ‘ if we mention them maybe they’ll buy some AD space ‘ , butt-kissing festival of absurdity. case in point: There have been accusations of repeated labor violations at […]

We’ve upgraded!

We’ve upgraded!

Welcome to the upgrade…Yes, we finally did it…after sitting at WordPress 2.5 for so long we are now at the latest release 2.7.1 Which is both nice and very surprising considering the guy who did the upgrade can barely make out the difference between up and down. In fact when it comes to anything technical […]

Page Rank the System of Yesterday

Now, let’s preface this by saying this is NOT a crap on Google post…we like Google, anyone who has visited our forum could testify to the respect and admiration we have for them…as far as companies go, they apparently treat their employees extremely well, they offer a wide variety of free services, they offer programs […]

“American Hostages and renewed Fighting…”

From a Canadian perspective I think Obama is the best choice…for Canadians…when it comes to exports like lumber he seems more the negotiable kind of leader…than the let’s trade off tax and tariffs wars tiff for taff ones we’re used to dealing with… but by the same token I think in light of Americans in […]

The Facts about Google Page Rank

OK…we touched a little on Alexa…now Google… Google Page Rank is not a good indicator of traffic, not a good indicator of how well a site is built, or how well a site is maintained…it is a lousy indicator of whether or not you should advertise on a site. Let’s say I have 50 apples […]

The Facts about your Traffic: Alexa

The Facts about your Traffic: Alexa

First off…don’t even bother about those ‘ i got my brains from a box of Cracker Jack ‘ Alexa haters…Alexa is a very good tool to determine traffic and they recently improved it to make it even better… generally, as I said in the last post this is how it boils down: anything over 1,000,000 […]

Obama Wins the Presidency

OK…so I’m jumping the gun a little…but I might as well go out on a limb and make the prediction now…Obama defeats Hillary and then defeats McCain for the Presidency. Of course it becomes crucial that Obama wins Ohio ( which he will ), California, NY, Penn, and Florida ( which he will )…McCain takes […]


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