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Tinfoil Hats Or I Wanna New Drug!

On another site I was reading a blogger’s take on the Lebron James decision. The blogger in question felt that too much time was spent by the media on that event and no time was spent on the Justice Department’s decision not to prosecute some New Black Panthers who bullied voters into electing President Obama. […]

Why Do We Believe In Something Even When It Didn’t Work?

As a home health aide I’m finding that many of the clients I care for have children and grandchildren without jobs right now. They’re worried about what’s going to happen to them. I certainly don’t blame them since I too would be worried if it were me. All of the unemployed that they are worried […]

Online Home Business : What’s the Real Deal

Someone on another site posed the question : ” Are online home businesses legit, do people actually make money off of them, and are there any ‘ stats ‘ ? “ Let’s just cut to the chase… for most people you’d be better off having Tupperware parties, or selling Amway, or Avon door-to-door… most ‘ […]

Is Critical Thinking The Cure for the Common Moron?

Back in the age of dinosaurs, when I went to school, we were taught the concept of critical thinking. When it came to any issue we were discussing, we were asked to evaluate what we heard or read on the basis of the following 5 steps: (a) What am I being asked to believe or […]

Broadening Something Besides My Butt

When I first joined the online community 4 years ago, one of the first things that appealed to me was that I was able to speak with people who lived in other countries. That was a definite broadening of my horizon that wouldn’t have occured without the computer and the technology that goes with it. […]

Site Promotion and You

OK, so you have your site up, maybe it’s a website, maybe a blog, a forum perhaps, an online store, whatever it is, it’s up and ready to go… now you’re wondering why people aren’t flocking to your site in droves just like on those commercials…you know the ones, the ones that have some business […]

Consequences Of Greed

Consequences Of Greed

I have a brother who is a foreman for an oil company maintenance crew. He works above the water, hanging from ropes doing whatever job he has to do. He was on the BP oil rig shortly before the accident. There’s only so much space and each maintenance crew is offloaded to make room for […]

The Importance of Being Yourself

I’m not all that important. I’m not a politician, a celebrity, an internet guru, an SEO expert, a journalist or a published author. I’m your average ordinary grandmother with a job in Home Care. I suppose you could call me a caretaker, since I take care of our home, my Hubby, our cat and the […]

Putting the Myth concerning un-regulated Bottled Water to rest

OK, once again I was having a conversation about bottled water with someone who said it isn’t regulated. That he could sell tap water and label it natural spring water because it’s not regulated. Every so often I hear someone say this, and every time I shake my head at the ignorance of believing everything […]


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