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Amazing Real Star Trek-like Replicator

This is so Cool! This printer is absolutely amazing. Granted it’s a small step, but it’s a step that could one day create a Star Trek-like replicator. The technology I’m sure will be tested and used to suit other applications. Maybe one day we’ll end up with a microwave-sized replicator producing a wide variety of […]

Leading Democracies

According to the last report in 2010 by The Economist Intelligence Unit ( EIU ) Norway scored the highest of any Nation as a full democracy, with a score of 9.80, with Iceland ( 9.65 ) and Denmark ( 9.52 ) taking second and third spot respectively. The EIU is a research and advisory company […]

Anderson da Silva you’re out of your Friggin’ mind

Not too long ago Anderson da Silva said that BJ Penn, in his opinion, ranked higher than Georges St-Pierre in the pound-for-pound ( MMA for those not in the know ) best in the World. Apparently he missed the part where GSP has beaten BJ Penn twice, once very decisively, so decisively in fact that […]

Google+ is anyone going to Care?

Google+ is anyone going to Care?

Google+ is the new attempt by Google to take on social networking giants, primarily Facebook., and is just another of their projects which is a  disaster waiting to happen. They tried before and failed miserably with Google Wave and Google Buzz. And shot themselves in the foot with Buzz by automatically enrolling their G-mail users […]

Big Ass Orange on Left :

Thanks to keezel on TAZforum who noticed this on the orange button on ‘ Get Started Here ‘ when you hover over it. 😀 You can read the thread here. ( TAZforum is our AD-FREE computer help forum…join-up, tell your friends )

Your Opinion Matters

Your Opinion Matters

We’re always looking at new ways to make TAZ better, and your input is invaluable to us. So here’s your opportunity to tell us what you think about TAZ and how you think it can be improved. All criticism is welcome, so don’t be shy…it’s all good, Baby! 😀 Do you like the layout? Is […]

A Great Tasting Pasta Dish

Pasta ( no name given ) my own particular recipe… Ingredients 1. bag of pasta ( shells, rigatoni, those twisty ones, etc…whatever suits your fancy ) 450 grams 2. 8oz fresh mushrooms 3. 400 grams mozzarella cheese 4. 250 grams old cheddar cheese 5. 1/2 cup parmesan cheese 6. 2 fresh green peppers 7. 15-20 […]

Ad-Free Games Only on TAZ

Yep Baby! Only here can you play over 1000 games ad-free! And play them full-screen too! So whether you want to play a classic like Pacman , get immersed in a battle game like Sea Hawk , a fun game like Fuzzy 2 , shoot some hoops with Shootin’ Hoops , test your knowledge with […]

TheTAZZone now on Facebook

TheTAZZone now on Facebook

OK OK I succumbed! After holding out I finally gave up the ghost and joined Facebook. Not that I had anything particularly against Facebook, I just felt it would consume far too much of my already very limited time. Still trying to figure out the ropes, and welcome any advice anyone wants to share that […]


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