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Everyone’s A Wingnut, Baby!

Everyone’s A Wingnut, Baby!

I’ve come to the conclusion, and I admit it’s a journey into crazy wingnut territory, that the Republicans want the middle class reduced to poverty levels so they can have an unlimited source of cannon fodder. I mean, think about that. First off, they like their oil money. What better way to insure that oil […]

Engage Brain Before Putting Fingers In Motion On The Keyboard

Despite the fact that I live in New York State, I’m 250 miles North West of New York City so I have only the rather graphic pictures of the devastation rather than first hand knowledge of it. I’ve said little about it other than to wonder how people claiming they weren’t warned about what could […]

I Shoulda Stayed In Bed

I Shoulda Stayed In Bed

So, I planned on doing stuff. None of said stuff was supposed to have anything to do with the internet. Unfortunately, before breakfast yet, I decided to check my emails. I decided I HAD to do a post on the new and improved TAZ. I read the email, went to get my gravatar, updated my […]

Change Takes More Than Electing A President

With everything I’m reading online, I am becoming more and more frustrated with people.  I have worked in and held chairs in various civic organizations and I fully understand what it is to get things done.  This understanding is why I become rather frustrated with those supporters of President Obama who are unhappy with some […]

Oh Noes! The Grammar Police Are Lurking

For me, the biggest problem with the internet in general and social media in particular is those people who seem to feel the need to point out everything they find wrong with what you do, what you say, or how you say it. Call them Internet Police, Grammar Police, or (Pick a word) Police. What […]

Greed, Anger And Finding Compassion

I can’t do this anymore. By “this” I mean subject myself on a daily basis to the kind of people who think only of themselves and their own pocketbooks.  They firmly believe in tax cuts and want to collect their Social Security but seem not to understand that those programs need funding. Funding that’s apparently […]

Parenting plus Political Correctness equals Absurdity

I was just at the Doctors the other day with my two girls in tow, to arrange physicals, eye exams, discuss getting a Gynecologist for my daughters, etc… at that time I was informed of the ‘ new ‘ rules of the road. Apparently, now, in this Country, a 13 year old girl can see […]

I Hate BlueTooth Technology

There is some evidence that despite our penchant for multitasking, we aren’t as effective at it as we think. Our brains work in mysterious ways and it seems that when we are concentrating on something, the brain puts other functions on autopilot. That’s kind of a simplistic way of putting it since what happens actually […]

Are Wii getting fit?

Unfortunately this was for the purposes of getting fit, rather than for the intention God had, which is goofing around getting drunk and making a fool of yourself on it

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