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Being Part Of The Problem

Last night our President spoke about the current crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.  This, of course, resulted in some people bashing him and some people supporting him.  What surprised me was the bashing that took place against Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from MSNBC. They were both questioning what they found lacking in the […]

Hand Me The Sledgehammer, I’ll Fix It

Tried logging into Twitter for the third time today and for the third time I wound up looking at Sir Blubberbutt the Fail Whale. Oh yes, by all means lets keep adding new and unwanted features but please DON’T fix what’s broken. I wouldn’t have anything to complain about if they did. Well, OK, that’s […]

Can Wii get fit?

Instead of Mario Cart or a golf sim, I get to jump up and down on an over-priced piece of plastic

Home Based Business: Is it real? Or just a sucker’s bet?

Home Based Business: Is it real? Or just a sucker’s bet?

Let’s face it, most are scams, or too good to be true, and most of those pushing them are like drug dealers preying on the weakness and desperation of people, predators looking to prey on anyone gullible or naive enough to fall for their snake oil so they can make a buck… used car salesmen […]

The Terminator Back in 2009

Yep…that’s right…the third sequel is slated for late 2009… wonder if Gov Arnies gonna be back 😀


Virtually every religion on earth has a present or a past that is worth condemning it for and abolishing it altogether… eg. the pedos in the Catholic Church…is enough in itself to tear it down… probably the only religion that has even come close to being a beacon of light in the darkness and has […]

The Historical Jesus…

For a man…who had 100’s if not 1000’s of people following him around awaiting a miracle…eg. the story of 2 fishes and 5 loaves that fed 5000…who raised the dead, walked on water, and healed the sick… who was paraded around as a spectacle, tortured, crucified…and rose from the dead… it is strange that there […]

50 Best Websites 2008 According to Time…Sucks

The Best in the Online World – 50 Best Websites 2008 – TIME Goddamn freaks if ya ask me…not putting us in there…rotton bastiches outta be biatch slapped. Time…ya, it’s about Time they got with the Times and pried their heads out of their asses. 😛 Suckers! 😀

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