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It’s ON! Mayweather vs McGregor

It’s ON! Mayweather vs McGregor

Well the shock never ends in McGregor’s World. The fight that no one , including Dana White, said would ever be done, is done. After a year, or so, of hype and trash talking, they put it together, signed sealed and delivered.  August the 26th at the T-Mobile Arena.  And with the cash cow this […]

The Demise of

The Demise of

For those of you that have never heard of, and for those of you that have, but never bothered to come check it out, it’s basically Twitter with music. When I joined Blip back in April of 2009 it was still relatively new, and getting more popular everyday, in fact I saw promise that […]

Rockin’ with Tim Kissane

Who is Tim Kissane? Well, let me tell ya! Tim’s a computer services specialist, who built his first computer in 1893 ( Oops! ) 1983. 😀 He’s been an electronics technician, a call center supervisor, tech school instructor, help desk manager, release engineer and a small business owner. Who likes to dabble in Rock N’ […]

Macho Man Randy Savage Dead

Savage died yesterday ( May 20th, 2011 ) in Florida in an automobile accident. It’s assumed he had a heart attack and crashed into a tree, his wife was with him but was not seriously injured. As an adult, I was never a big fan of professional wrestling; as a kid I used to go […]


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