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Top Member Recommended Featured Services

Top Member Recommended Featured Services

The Services… Every service on this page is used by at least one of our Members and is recommended by them. These Companies do not pay us to advertise them or their services. A member-recommended service does not mean you won’t experience problems…or that we take any responsibility for any problems… these are just services […]

Bravenet: More excuses to add ADS to your Sites: Part Two

Apparently the folks at Bravenet don’t like honest criticism from their clients…I had posted this on their Web Hosting Forum…and had a conversation with some person who refused to post who he was…even after I repeated questioned why he remained anonymous he refused to man-up… and they removed my post/thread… assumingly, as a result of […]

Bravenet: More excuses to add ADS to your Sites

The latest Bravenet update involves ” a brand new Account Overview page ” which ” contains all of the same information as the old one, but we just tried to make it easier for you to use “… in layman’s terms what they are really saying is: ” we want our members to take it […]

The Day the Earth Shook and the World Watched

NEVER AGAIN. 9/11 We at salute all the brave and courageous men and women who found themselves there that day and whose, in the midst of chaos, spirits rose above the storm and were not defeated by it.

Tutorial and Article Submissions

Tutorial and Article Submissions

SUBMISSIONS We do accept independent submissions from non-members for posting in either our forum or on one of our associate websites. It must be an original work by the submitter, no second-hand or plagiarized work will be accepted. We reserve the right to edit or refuse any work submitted to us for any reason, and […]

Obama Wins the Presidency

OK…so I’m jumping the gun a little…but I might as well go out on a limb and make the prediction now…Obama defeats Hillary and then defeats McCain for the Presidency. Of course it becomes crucial that Obama wins Ohio ( which he will ), California, NY, Penn, and Florida ( which he will )…McCain takes […]


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