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The Facts about Google Page Rank

OK…we touched a little on Alexa…now Google… Google Page Rank is not a good indicator of traffic, not a good indicator of how well a site is built, or how well a site is maintained…it is a lousy indicator of whether or not you should advertise on a site. Let’s say I have 50 apples […]

The Facts about your Traffic: Alexa

The Facts about your Traffic: Alexa

First off…don’t even bother about those ‘ i got my brains from a box of Cracker Jack ‘ Alexa haters…Alexa is a very good tool to determine traffic and they recently improved it to make it even better… generally, as I said in the last post this is how it boils down: anything over 1,000,000 […]


Virtually every religion on earth has a present or a past that is worth condemning it for and abolishing it altogether… eg. the pedos in the Catholic Church…is enough in itself to tear it down… probably the only religion that has even come close to being a beacon of light in the darkness and has […]

The Historical Jesus…

For a man…who had 100’s if not 1000’s of people following him around awaiting a miracle…eg. the story of 2 fishes and 5 loaves that fed 5000…who raised the dead, walked on water, and healed the sick… who was paraded around as a spectacle, tortured, crucified…and rose from the dead… it is strange that there […]

US retailers to close hundreds of stores

Information technology related companies that are closing stores include CompUSA going out of business, Sprint Nextel closing 125 locations, Movie Gallery closing 560 movie rental outlets, and bankrupt Sharper Image shutting down 90 to 180 stores. Other retailers shutting down shops are: Ann Taylor, 117 stores; Eddie Bauer, 29 stores; Cache, 20 to 23 stores; […]

The Pirate Bay moves to counter Swedish wiretapping law

“We want Sweden to be banned from the Internet. The ISPs need to block Sweden in order to protect their own customers’ integrity since everything they do on Swedish ISPs’ networks will be logged and searched.” The Pirate Bay will also help establish a Web site about how to use encryption to protect both hard […]

50 Best Websites 2008 According to Time…Sucks

The Best in the Online World – 50 Best Websites 2008 – TIME Goddamn freaks if ya ask me…not putting us in there…rotton bastiches outta be biatch slapped. Time…ya, it’s about Time they got with the Times and pried their heads out of their asses. 😛 Suckers! 😀

Bravenet: More excuses to add ADS to your Sites: Part Two

Apparently the folks at Bravenet don’t like honest criticism from their clients…I had posted this on their Web Hosting Forum…and had a conversation with some person who refused to post who he was…even after I repeated questioned why he remained anonymous he refused to man-up… and they removed my post/thread… assumingly, as a result of […]

Bravenet: More excuses to add ADS to your Sites

The latest Bravenet update involves ” a brand new Account Overview page ” which ” contains all of the same information as the old one, but we just tried to make it easier for you to use “… in layman’s terms what they are really saying is: ” we want our members to take it […]


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