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World’s nastiest trojan fools AV software

One of the world’s nastiest password-stealing trojans evades detection by the majority PCs running anti-virus programs, according to a study that examined 10,000 machines. A recent report estimated that Zeus is the No. 1 trojan, with 3.6 million infections in the US alone, or about 1 per cent of the installed base of PCs. Trusteer’s […]

Carfax, Loblaws, and Highliner Busted

Just finished watching an episode of CBC Marketplace ( aired today at 8:00am EST ) that took Carfax and their reports to task over their claim that they are comprehensive reports detailing a vehicles history. They took four vehicles from two different dealers that came back with clean Carfax reports…all four vehicles had unreported accidents […]

DHS: Expect your computer to be seized without suspicion

In what was presented to the public this week as a clarification of its privacy policy, the US Dept. of Homeland Security published a paper referring to new guidelines for its immigration and customs agents regarding how they may conduct border searches of travelers’ computers and electronic media. Clarifying the existing law, both sets of […]

@Twitter is incompetant..or at least the ones running it are

Hummmmmm…a short rant about the problems I’ve faced using Twitter… First there was the time I somehow magically lost about 3000 tweets ..where they went who knows then there was the time every time I refreshed a page both followers and following would disappear…about 10-100 each time then there was the time I magically unfollowed […]



PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Because We Care at TheTAZZone… Every day 1000’s of Rubber Duckies are cruelly and inhumanely slaughtered. STOP the clubbing and trapping of defenseless Rubber Duckies now! STOP the illegal HUNT! BAN the sale of Squeekies illegally removed from inhumanely slaughtered Rubber Duckies. The situation is getting out of hand, many Duckies find […]

Massive Storm Hits Toronto, let’s not be caught off-guard again

We feel here in Canada we are safe, but are we? Devastating storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters happen or can happen here…we are not immune as this storm and the ice storm and other disasters have proven in the past. This is why it is important that we have in this Country of ours […]

US firm sues Twitter over patents

US firm sues Twitter over patents

A Texas-based firm is suing the micro-blogging site Twitter, alleging that its three patents for a similar service are being infringed. TechRadium’s system, called Iris, provides notification technology so that alerts can be sent to many users. Alerts can be sent to a number of devices, including mobiles. The firm claims several organisations may choose […]

Losing Interest in Twitter and it’s associated problems

Well…Twitter has taken a backseat to other more reliable sites lately…for a variety of reasons…the main ones being ( in no specific order ): 1. excessive questionable product marketing 2. spam DM’s 3. link spamming to less than reputable sites 4. problems with the followers and following lists changing without doing anything  ( eg. I […]

See what you’ve been missing by not listenin’ to TAZ

This is just a sample ( so far ) of the last 4 pages ( out of 109 pages…at the time of this posting ) of TAZ spins on Blip…yes, this is just the last 4 pages…with 105 more pages of great music… TheTAZZone and Spankilicious Music 1. one-hit wonders of the 60’s 70’s 80’s […]


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