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Losing Interest in Twitter and it’s associated problems

Well…Twitter has taken a backseat to other more reliable sites lately…for a variety of reasons…the main ones being ( in no specific order ): 1. excessive questionable product marketing 2. spam DM’s 3. link spamming to less than reputable sites 4. problems with the followers and following lists changing without doing anything  ( eg. I […]

The Best 3000

The Best 3000

I should preface this by saying we appreciate everyone who follows us…however having a lot of followers was never our goal. Our goal was to find interesting people. Hopefully the most interesting people we could find. And compile a list of the best. We were going to stop following at 5000, but even that seems […]

Who are the 5 people you Speak to the Most on Twitter?

OK, we all have lots of people we talk to, some we talk to more often than others…some we speak to daily, almost daily, weekly, monthly, and some whenever it happens. This is NOT a list of who your best buddies are…but rather who talks with you the most…and who you engage with the most…so […]

Changes: Want to be on our Friend’s List?

Changes: Want to be on our Friend’s List?

So far we haven’t had much reponse to our offer to add 25 of our followers blogs/websites to our Friend’s List, which is really very surprising because these are usually paid advertising spots that we are offering for FREE to our followers, and even more surprising is the fact we are considered a medium to […]

Twitter Privacy Policy: You SHOULD know this

ALWAYS read a site’s privacy policy BEFORE giving them your info Most people don’t read the Terms or the Privacy Policy…but you should. Case in point…taken from Twitters Privacy Policy concerning the data they collect from you. Note: they collect not only the information you provide yourself, but also from the cookies they store on […]

Twitter Traffic Machine and TweeterGetter: The Facts about Protecting yourself

Twitter Traffic Machine The first thing that worries me is that there is no ‘ privacy policy ‘ that I can see which informs you what they will or will not do with the information they request from you. Never ever give your passwords or info to any site unless you KNOW what they are […]

The 7 Sins of Twitterdom

Just to make it easy for both of us…and save us the trouble of wasting our time…and especially my time having to unfollow you. Please 1. If all you ever do is use automated tweetin’, to the exclusion of all else, don’t even bother following me 2. If all you ever want to do is […]

Storytime in Twitterville: The Adventures of @RealWorldMom

Storytime in Twitterville is a collection of tweets that combine to make a story from the the list of followers of @TheTAZZone Remember…the story may not always make sense…and it may not always be good 😀 as it comes from several 140 or less character tweets. The Adventures of @RealWorldMom A long time ago in […]

Full of themselves Celebs on Twitter

This is a list being created specifically to point out those Celebs who are so self-centered that they think they should be followed but you are not worthy enough to be followed back. Personally I don’t get it. I don’t follow any Celebs because everyone I’ve come across has very little respect for those that […]


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