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Charles Bronson

As far as B movie actors go you could easily make the argument that he was the best of the bunch. For a guy who played in low budget movies that had low box office returns it’s amazing he became as popular as he did. Even a lot of the films he was in, but was not the leading man, never became box office hits ( even though we can’t really fault him for that ), like the now iconic Magnificent Seven that flopped in the US when it was released, and Battle of the Bulge that actually lost money in US ticket sales, making back only 4.5 million on a budget of 6.5 million.

He made his name mostly on TV, even the film he is mostly associated with ( Death Wish ) only made 22 million at the box office. Now I’m sure some will try to argue that the movie came out in 1974, and maybe 22 million was a good return back then. Well, it made back it’s budget and then some but hardly successful when you compare Blazing Saddles 119 million, The Towering Inferno 116 million, Young Frankenstein 86 million, and even The Trial of Billy Jack 89 million came out the same year.

All the same who doesn’t like Charles Bronson.

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