YES!!! After several decades ( 44 years ) a Nation, China in this case, has brought back moon rocks. The capsule landed in Mongolia safe and sound according to China National Space Administration. But one has to ask…..WHY? Why waste millions of dollars on something as insignificant as moon rocks. Does China really have that kind of discretionary money to burn just to find out the rocks have not changed in 44 years.  Were ( or, are ) they expecting to find some amazing discovery that the rocks have morphed into some kind of living organism. That we missed something the first time around.

What we discovered in the 70’s was that rocks are rocks, whether they’re here on Earth or on the Moon. And if we ever get rocks from Jupiter they will be rocks too. What we really need is deep exploratory research, where you drill deep into the earth and pull out a core sample, like an ice core. Maybe, just maybe, then we will have an understanding of the history of the Moon and Planets. We wont likely discover life, but at least it wont be as useless as surface samples.

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