12 groups/artists that maybe you remember, maybe you don’t, but either way, if you like classic rock, you should give a listen, cause you’ll be glad you did. I guarantee it!

Note: I wrote a different article as a folow-up to my first article, but, unfortunately, it was eaten…Poltergeists in the database, I suspect…or maybe Murphy was lingering about. So, this is actually the third article; and there was/is no sense trying to recreate the second one, because after 4-5 hours writing it, it was far too involved to register in my old, fading, memory.

So, we skip past Part 2 on head straight onto Part 3. I only mention this so that people don’t wonder where Part 2 went. 😀

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Classic Rock: Or should I say ‘ Classic Classic Rock? Part 3

For hard-core classic music buffs these won’t be any surprise, but to the average classic rock aficionado, or the average music fan in general, these might come as a welcome wake-up call to the glory days of the 60’s and 70’s classics. Generally, these groups/artists that I am going to present to you are ignored by most Classic Rock and Oldies Radio Stations. I wish I could upload a video of a song for each of these groups/artists but I can’t, but I can direct you to the song I played on my own online DJ Station ( Blip.fm | Listen to Free Music DJ’d by TheTAZZone | Page 1 ), where I play the one-hit wonders, the classics, the rare and obscure, and the popular hits of the 60’s through to the 90’s.

Note: I do not own Blip, nor do I generate any revenue from it, so my only interest in providing you links to the music is for your own enjoyment and for my enjoyment of sharing the music with you.

Of the literally 100’s of groups/artists that I could, and should, mention, for the sake of brevity, I’ll present you with 12 groups/artists that should either spark your memory or, at the very least, give you a greater appreciation of the depth and diversity that was the 60’s and early 70’s.

Savoy Brown: Originally the Savoy Brown Blues Band is from London, England. Most of their success was, however, from touring the US music circuit. In the career of the group it went through an astonishing 42 members, some of which went on to greater success with other groups like Foghat, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, and UFO. One of their songs ( “Train to Nowhere” ) was used in an episode of CSI:NY.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to Savoy Brown – Hellbound Train

Long John Baldry: Also from the UK, migrated to Canada in the late 70’s and lived the rest of his life in around Vancouver. In the early 60’s he was a part of Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated which also included the likes of Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts. He was also in the band Cyril Davies R&B All Stars in 63′ with Jimmy Page. After Cyril died in 64′ he changed the name of the group to Long John Baldry and his Hoochie Coochie Men, which included the young Rod Stewart. In 1965 he started the group Bluesology which included Reg Dwight ( Elton John ) on keyboards and Elton Dean on guitar.

It’s rumored that he once saved the life of Elton John from committing suicide. Reginald Dwight would later change his name to Elton John as a tribute to ‘ John ‘ Baldry and ‘ Elton ‘ Dean. Baldry was one of the first openly gay artists of the 60’s.

Long John Baldry was also a favorite of the Beatles as you will see in this rare clip ( the Beatles are singing in the background on the balcony to Baldry’s right ).

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to Long John Baldry & the Beatles, I’ve Got My Mojo Workin

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: Was the first, the original, freak show. Every artist from Alice Cooper, to KISS, to Marilyn Manson owes a debt of gratitude to Arthur Brown. He was temporarily a co-lead singer for the soul group The Foundations in 67′ but left the group to form his own band. In 68′ he had the hit ‘ Fire ‘ which became a gold record.

Note: Back then a gold record meant 1 million in sales. The RIAA changed that later on to 500,000 and made Platinum 1 million sold.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to Arthur Brown Fire on Top of the Pops 1968

A Passing Fancy: Was a 60’s Canadian group out of Toronto. Originally the Dimensions, they changed their name in 66′ after their manager left to manage another group. Brian Price, one of the group’s founders went on to open a chain of Dental offices and fought, and won, a Canadian Supreme Court decision to allow professions to advertise their services. Jay Telfer, the other founding member, also wrote the hit single “Ten Pound Note” performed by Steel River. Their mostly melodic style ( they did have some harder rock songs ) should have granted them much more International success than they had. Their biggest hit was ” I Believe in Sunshine”.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to A PASSING FANCY ISLAND

Rare Earth: Was an American group from Detroit; originally “The Sunliners” in 1960 they changed their name in 1968. Motown’s record label ( Rare Earth Records ) was named after the group. They had several top 40 songs, including covers, and were the first all-white hit-making group signed by Motown.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to Rare Earth – I Just Want To Celebrate

The Raspberries: Was another American group out of Cleveland, Ohio. The group broke up in 75′ but was resurrected in 2000 for touring, but without Eric Carmen until he re-joined in 2005. From 72′ to 75′ they had 7 songs that hit the top 100, 4 of them made it into the top 40, and one song “Go All The Way” made it into the top 10. “Go All The Way” was also banned by the BBC. The Raspberries 1972 debut album sported a raspberry scented ’scratch and sniff’ sticker.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to The Raspberries – Go All The Way

Malo: Was a group formed in San Francisco by Jorge Santana, the brother of the famous Carlos Santana. This group has went through 23 members over the years, and produced only one mega-hit, “Suavecito”. But I thought it’d be worth mentioning because of the relationship with Carlos Santana.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to Malo – Suavecito

The Marmalade: A Glasgow, Scotland group that existed from 1961 as “The Gaylords” ( named after a notorious Chicago street gang ), then as “The Marmalade” since 1966. They only had 3 songs ever make it into the US Billboard top 100, and only one of them made the Top Ten, but they had 11 songs make the Top 40 in the UK, 8 of which made the Top 10.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to The Marmalade – Reflections Of My Life

Sir Douglas Quintet: A group formed in the early 60’s out of San Antonio, Texas. But relocated to San Francisco by mid 60’s. In 2005 they were among those nominated for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. The group split in 72′. Their biggest hit was ” She’s About a Mover”.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to Sir Douglas Quintet – The Rains Came + Bacon Fat – 1965 45rpm

Redbone: Was a Native American band out of Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1969. The name ‘ Redbone ‘ is actually a tongue-in-cheek joke about the members being mixed-race ( the Cajun term for ‘ half-breed ‘ is Redbone ). Jimi Hendrix, who is part Native American, encouraged the group to form. Even though their song ‘ Come and Get your Love ‘ was more popular I’ve always preferred the song ‘ Witch Queen of New Orleans ‘.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to Redbone – Witch queen of New Orleans 1971

Ugly Ducklings: Toronto, Canada. Was a garage rock band that had success in the Canadian market but had very little International exposure. Their biggest hit was ‘ Gaslight ‘ which, in actuality, wasn’t even done by them as a group; it was done by the lead singer and the ( Doc Severinsen’s ) NBC Orchestra. They had several songs that could have become International hits had they been marketed better, songs like ‘ Nothin’ and ‘ Just in Case you Wonder ‘.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to The Ugly Ducklings – Gaslight

Mashmakhan: Originally known as The Phantoms, Ray Blake’s Combo and The Dominoes, they became The Triangle in 65′ and then they changed their name again in about 1970 to Mashmakhan. Mashmakhan, at the time, was a popular local street drug, and they thought that they could take advantage of the name’s popularity. The group had success in Canada, and in the US and Japan. And had a gold record with the hit song ‘ As the Years go by ‘.

Blip.fm | TheTAZZone | Listen to Mashmakhan-As The Years Go By

So, there you have it…12 groups/artists that perhaps you remember, maybe you don’t…but either way you should check them out.

You’ll be glad you did!

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