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Cleaning glue off a DVD/Blueray

icon-DVDOK we’ve all come across, at one time or another, if you purchased used DVD’s or Bluerays, glue stuck to the DVD/Blueray ( from this point going forward DISC will represent both ) . Usually it’s a sticker that was removed leaving glue behind, and that glue collects dirt and particles, which makes it even more of a challenge to get off.

There’s all kinds of remedies you can find on the Internet, as examples, scotch tape, rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, goo gone, lighter fluid, cornstarch, even WD-40. Scotch tape will remove the glue, if you want to spend hours trying to get it off, rubbing alcohol won’t get the glue off if it’s more than just a faint spot. The others mostly require you having to clean up the mess you just made, usually taking longer and possibly damaging the disc more than the glue itself.

So, how do you get the glue off? Well, olive oil. Yes, that’s it. Olive oil removes it within seconds. A light dab on a microfiber cloth, or a cloth that doesn’t shed, rubbing gently, will clean the glue almost instantly right off, without the need for heavy rubbing. Then, gently wipe the olive oil off the DISC. After you’ve wiped the olive oil off and it dries, then dab another cloth into a equal part water and Isopropyl alcohol solution, and clean the DISC from the center towards the edge. Let it dry in a vertical position.

And you’re done.

Just so you know I used this method to clean off substantial amounts of glue from both Divergent and Catching Fire Bluerays, and both work perfectly.

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