This is a continuation of  Collection of Rare or Lesser-Known Rock Classics ( containing 125 groups, artists and songs ) and our 37th or 38th music list.

Some of you might remember a few of these…they might have had some National exposure, or were a hit in your local area. Or maybe you saw them play a club, or on a reunion tour with other lesser-known groups. One thing for sure, there’s a lot more out there than what they play on Top 40 radio or those Classic Oldies Stations. And if you dig the 60′s and 70′s you should lend an ear, you’ll like what you hear! So get your groove on Baby, cause it’s gonna be outta sight!

Each one of these songs I’ve played on my Sweat986FM Blip Station.

Russ Sainty – Tell The Other Guy

Essra Mohawk ( Sandy Hurvitz ) – I Have Been Here Before…Cindy Lauper covered her Change of Heart and Tina Turner covered her Stronger Than the Wind

Big Bertha – This World’s An Apple

Salvation – Cinderella

Evie Sands – I Can’t Let Go..the Hollies covered this Chip Taylor song written for Evie

Ibex – Rain…included then called Freddie Bulsara ( Freddie Mercury ) and later changed their name to Wreckage but broke up in 69′

Big Carrot – Blackjack – with Marc Bolan and T-Rex

Véronique Sanson – Pour me comprendre

Big Wha-Koo – Save Your Tears

The Insect Trust – The Eyes Of A New York Woman

Blackjack – Love Me Tonight

Elston Gunnn – John Green Went Off To War from circa 1953…and yep…it’s Dylan again

Blind Boy Grunt – Seventeen Curses Live at City Hall…yep, you might remember him…it’s Bob Dylan

Jasmin-T – Some Other Guy

Jason Crest – A Place in the Sun

Shakey Vick – Little Woman You’re So Sweet

Sinx Mitchell – Love Is All I’m Asking For

Bonniwell Music Machine – Mother Nature Father Earth

Sir Lord Baltimore – I got a Woman

Bruce Johnson – Disney Girls

John’s Children – Smashed Blocked

The Silver Apples – I don’t care what the people say

The John Dummer Blues Band – When You Got A Good Friend

The Shy Ones – 12 Months Later

The Jodimars – Well Now, Dig This

Curt Boettcher – Love You Yes I Do…he formed The GoldeBriars in 63′ and worked with The Association and the Beach Boys among others

Jericho Jones – Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys…was formed in 63′ in Israel and was known there as The Churchills

Colin Blunstone – Caroline Goodbye …you might remember him from The Zombies

Ananda Shankar – Streets Of Calcutta…he played with Jimi Hendrix and did several sitar covers of hit songs

Blue Goose – The Chorus

Blodwyn Pig – Same old Story

Peter Kelley – The Man Is Dead

Tim Buckley – Song To The Siren

Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers – Ain’t Misbehavin’

Hurricane Smith – Oh Babe, What Would You Say?..if you don’t know who this guy is you should Google…he was a major force in the 60’s

Duncan Browne – Give Me, Take You

Kak – Trieulogy…this was prior to Gary Lee Yoder joining Blue Cheer

Sky Saxon & The Seeds – You Took Me By Surprise

JSD Band – Open Road

Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments – Dark Lady…Brown collaborated with Jack Bruce to write some of Cream’s songs like I Feel Free and White Room

Gary Brooker – Beyond The Pale – Procol Harum

Billy Boyle – Sunday’s Child

Joy Unlimited – Everybody Knows

The Bow Street Runners – Leaving Grit America

Casey Jones & The Governors – Jack The Ripper

Sir Percy Quintet – Margaret Elspeth

Spirit Of John Morgan – I Want You

C.A. Quintet – I want you to love me girl

Danny Kirwan – Blues With A Feeling…from Fleetwood Mac

The Spectres – The Facts Of Life

Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Driftin’ Blues

Soft Machine – Moon In June

Peter Kelley – The Man Is Dead

53 songs

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