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Conor McGregor Retiring

Well can’t say it surprises me, the guy is not short on money. Why get beat up if you don’t have to. Some people love the guy, others hate him, me I have no feelings at all either way. On one hand I respect that he raised the bar on fighter salaries, brought more recognition to the sport of MMA, and win or lose put on a good show. On the other hand, he seemed to go from a quirky funny guy with his one liners like ‘ 3 people died makin’ this watch ‘ or ‘ who da fock was that ‘ to a not so funny guy who was going on a power trip.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen people start out great then spiral downhill, good for him he now has enough money to pay for the therapy. The last fight he had with Khabib was typical Conor, say what you will he put on a good show against someone everyone thinks is unbeatable. The haters will always hate.

He made his mark on the sport, he’ll go down in history, he’ll end up in the HOF, he has nothing left to prove, and nothing left to gain. All the best Conor, enjoy the rest of your life, your whiskey, and your empire. MMA will miss you, but as always it will move on, there will be new stars, and new personalities for the haters to put their hate on.

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