Well…what can you say after a come back, after a fifteen month lay-off, like that. It only took 40 seconds to dispatch the Cowboy ( Donald Cerrone ). Over the years my opinion of Conor ( McGregor ) has varied greatly, from jubilation to utter disgust. When he first broke onto the scene he was funny, upbeat, and extremely entertaining…then…he became not so funny, depressing, and boring. He was definitely on the road of becoming another Jones. A victim of his own stupidity.

Maybe the fame, or the money, finally got to him. Who knows. But it’s good to see him back to almost what he was in the beginning. Unlike Jones, he looks like he took a hard look around him and realized he was on the wrong path and decided to get back on the right one. And it’s good he had nice things to say about Cowboy ( and Cowboy’s mom ) because few fighters deserve the type of respect that Cowboy has rightly earned. And as a side note, it’s great to see Holly Holm back to her winning ways.

But back to the fight…a series of shoulder strikes and a head kick did in the Cowboy in no short order. Followed up by strikes that resulted in Herb Dean stepping in to stop the fight. The TKO resulted in Conor being first UFC fighter to hold knockout finishes in the featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight divisions. Now the opportunities are endless…again. Floyd wants to do number 2, then there’s the rematch with Khabib, the BMF belt, the potential rubber match with Diaz, and the list goes on.

Hopefully he has his head screwed on straight and we wont see him take anther nose dive into stupidity.

( images courtesy of apmma.net and standard.co.uk )

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