OK I’m not one to plant conspiracy theories, I don’t condone or believe in them. I believe we landed on the moon and it wasn’t just some Hollywood-type theatrical show; I don’t believe the government was aware of 9/11 and let it happen as an excuse to continue their political agenda in the Middle East; I don’t believe we are hiding Aliens or an Alien ship at a place called Area 51 ( or anywhere else for that matter ); and it’s not that I don’t believe people, and especially governments don’t do nefarious things, because they do, the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis that was perpetrated upon African Americans is just one of many nefarious agendas.

But having said that…

this ancestry.com, and places like it has me shaking my head. DNA testing has been around ( publicly, at least ) for a relatively short period of time, so how exactly can DNA locate relatives from your past that we have no DNA records of. Sure it might locate living relatives, maybe even a trail to where you might have come from, but to specifically locate relatives long since past…well…I find that hard to believe, unless they are randomly digging up corpses in Cemeteries and testing their DNA.

Fact is, governments and other bodies like to keep databases. Whether it’s fingerprints, or blood work, there is no doubt in my mind that someone, somewhere, is compiling a DNA database. And what better way than to provide a service whereby people will voluntarily hand it over.

Combine that with blood we take everyday for various reasons, for example marriage, and next thing you know you have a strong database to work with.

Maybe I just don’t get it, maybe I’m missing a part of the equation, but how DNA can locate great grandfather Jubily ( apart from digging him up and testing his DNA ) just doesn’t seem to wash with me.

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