You should always be aware of the value of your contribution’s, and ensure your rights as a contributor are protected and appreciated.

Content, Copyright, Value, and Crediting Submissions

Well, I wasn’t sure what my first article should be about until I saw my daughter’s published song/poetry here on BrooWaha. I addressed a couple of issues on a place called BlogCatalog regarding this site concerning writer’s copyright and a submitter signature/bio which were laid to rest after I viewed my daughter’s published piece. Even though I did check out a few posts before adding my (technically ) first posting I suppose I should have, at the time, checked to see if those issues were addressed, or not; but i didn’t, and I obviously didn’t notice either, or I would not have brought them up.

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With those two issues (above in brackets ) either having been addressed, or were already addressed, this opened up the opportunity to submit posts. Any time you submit work to a site you do not own you should, first and foremost, ensure your work and rights are protected. In my opinion, a person should never submit work to a site that claims ownership of your work or does not properly credit the author. The exception being work that you are paid to do for them. If they pay you they have every right to own, and do as they please, with what they pay for.

Everyone should, and I highly recommend that they do, check out a sites ‘ privacy policy ‘ and ‘ terms ‘ to see exactly what they are getting into. Many sites sell their member’s information to third parties, and your e-mail address, as well as all other personal information, could end up in the hands of Companies you’d really rather not even know you exist.

Of course, if you don’t care, or you don’t think you have anything of value to submit, then I guess it doesn’t matter. But, if you have nothing of value to submit then why would I , or anyone else, even want your submissions? I consider everything that I contribute to another site ( and my own sites ) to have value. Value expressed in content, in time, and effort. So I want that value protected.

I would not be contributing to this site if: I did not retain ownership, and control, of my work; and did not receive proper credit for it. It just wouldn’t be worth it, in my opinion, otherwise.

Every time you contribute to a site you are adding value to it, value in terms of not only content but also value in time and effort, and the site that is receiving this value should ensure that you get value back in return.

Value cannot be a one-way street, whereby you are giving value and getting nothing for it. The exceptions to this rule are family, friends, and charitable endeavours; where the value you give is out of love, compassion, etc…and there is no demand or expectation that it must be returned.

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  1. Yes you do…if you look at the disclaimer on all the tutorials the author retains the rights to their work. 😛 I just never thought to extend it further because I never allowed outside posting before.

    Do not use, republish, in whole or in part, without the consent of the Author. TheTAZZone policy is that Authors retain the rights to the work they submit and/or post…we do not sell, publish, transmit, or have the right to give permission for such…TheTAZZone merely retains the right to use, retain, and publish submitted work within it’s Network

  2. Hey! Wait a minute! Do I own my work here or do you? 😀 What surprises me is how little real reading other bloggers do.

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