I’ll be the first person to admit when my daughter first informed me of this Coronavirus ( later renamed Covid-19 ) I didn’t take it very seriously. After all, we’ve been through this a few times in my life and it usually blows over in a few weeks. Even SARS, back in 2002-03, lasted a short time in comparison, killing less than 800 people world-wide.

At the time I thought people were overreacting, as is the nature of people when confronted with something of this nature. A certain percentage of the population is naturally given to fear and paranoia. And the media feeds that fear and paranoia. Me, well I’m not given to fear and paranoia at all, in fact I am likely driven in the opposite direction when confronted with something like this.

I still think that some people are taking this too far, to the point it interferes with their sanity, if they have any to interfere with. It’s NOT airborne. As long as you don’t get sneezed on or breathe the same air as someone infected who just exhaled directly in front of you, and as long as you don’t put your fingers in your mouth to pick out food between your teeth after touching an infected surface, chances are you’re safe.

Wash your hands ( which you should do anyways, even before Covid-19 ), avoid getting spit on by flying debris coming out of someone’s mouth ( which you should do anyways, even before Covid-19 ), and as long as you aren’t tonguing people at the bar you attend ( which, in light of other well known diseases you shouldn’t be doing anyways ), you should be fine

Sure this has grown way past any expectations I had. And yes I might have been a wee bit dismissive of the severity of this in the beginning, but it doesn’t change the fact that normal social hygiene that we practice daily, or should be, even before Covid-19, to prevent other known infections and viruses, should be enough to keep you safe.


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