Anyone else but me notice that Dana, when he was putting the belt around GSP, looked like his dog just died. Put that together with his interviews and very reserved enthusiasm I’m inclined to believe he wanted Bisping to win.

Probably because Dana and GSP never seemed to be buddies ( Dana seems to get along better with bad boys ) but also because he probably wanted to promote Bisping as the only guy to ever beat both Silva and GSP.

GSP has shown throughout his career an ability to screw with Dana’s plans. From beating Dana’s first love child Hughes, to regaining the title from Dana’s long time buddy Serra, to telling Dana he was retiring, to squeaking out a victory from Dana’s failed love child Hendricks, who Dana had hoped would be the next big thing, to now winning the belt from Bisping, and all the other issues in between.

Clearly Dana is not impressed, sure he’s glad to have his money maker back in the UFC, and now after several years of ignoring Canada I’m sure he’ll be back to mentioning how much he loves Canada and what Canada has meant to the progress of MMA and the UFC, which we know is just hot air to sell PPV’s, from the man who made hot air popular again.

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