The recent success of the Tea Party Candidates on Primary Day have made me realize I no longer understand my fellow Americans. I’ve been guilty of thinking that the GOP as a political party is out of touch with the needs of the very people they represent. I believed that intelligent people who aren’t happy with our government would understand why we’re having so many problems and would take the right steps to help ourselves out of the economic hole we’re in. I was wrong, very wrong.

I stood by on Tuesday, September 14 and watched voters elect, in the primaries, the very people who will perpetuate the favoritism of the rich by our government at the expense of the middle class. This has gone beyond the proverbial shooting oneself in the foot to shooting ourselves in the heart. Are we that misinformed? In the years 2000 to 2008 the American Middle Class has virtually disappeared. Why is that President Obama’s fault? I admit to having some memory issues, but I don’t believe I forgot that the Republicans were in control of Congress throughout most of those 8 years.

Have we not been the victim of Big Corporations getting tax breaks while creating jobs overseas? How many people are unemployed due to large tech companies moving their call centers to India, or by bringing employees over from other countries to take jobs away from Americans? Microsoft petitioned the Immigration Department to allow them to hire more immigrants to work at that company? What? Americans aren’t trying to get those jobs? What type of back breaking, crop picking job would Microsoft have to offer? They don’t want to have to pay for America’s best and brightest because India’s best will work cheaper.

How, at a time when 6 million people were laid off, did the oil companies post record profits? Did those tax shelters in the Cayman Islands, which allowed them to pay no tax at all, create any new jobs for you?

I keep hearing that Congress wasted their time on Healthcare rather than job creation. Did the FACT that an expanded Healthcare system would, by it’s very nature, force insurance companies to create more jobs escape you? The same thing with expansion of sustainable energy companies. In order to expand, they would be having to hire and train people to work for them. Apparently, you missed Exxon’s 13 BILLION quarterly profit postings with¬† 0 job creation?

Another thing I don’t understand is how we’ve conveniently forgotten that George W Bush’s ignored our economic problems until his last act as President was to demand from Congress a $700 Billion bailout to fix what broke. A bailout that had absolutely no stipulations or control on how it got spent. A bailout that went largely into the pockets of the very people who drove the economy into the pit through their greed. These big corporations gave bonus monies to the very people whose decisions caused these companies to go bankrupt.

Our deficit is far too large simply because we spent all those years fighting a War on Terror while we gave tax breaks to it’s citizens. Tax breaks that shouldn’t have gone to big corporations or the richest Americans. Tax breaks that the Republicans and the Tea Party Candidates have vowed to continue. We fought a war on Terror by borrowing money from China, money that we owe and probably can’t pay unless the tax break is discontinued.

We insist that people who move here from other countries learn to speak our language. I’m thinking that we better start learning how to speak Chinese. If the Tea Party wins the election, we just might find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of being a Nation owned by a Communist Country. There was a time when I wouldn’t have given that a second thought. These days, I’m not so sure. We appear to think Sarah Palin knows what she’s talking about, after all, the voters are picking the candidates she endorsed. That’s scary.

By Butterose

Smart assed step-mother of 3, grandmother of 3. Insane enough to have lived with Hubby for 24 years now. What can I say, I liked his kids? We share our lives with family and our cat.

One thought on “Declining A Tea Party Invitation”
  1. Rationally the best person would be a Socrates…but a Socrates would never get elected. People vote in people they can relate to, and unfortunately that’s almost always the wrong person.

    Look at Ralph Nader, a person who has devoted his life to protecting our safety and rights. Has the gonads to stand up to mega corporations like the auto industry. Extremely intelligent and as honest and as reliable as anyone could be. For all intent and purposes the best man to have running the Country.
    He ran for office 7 times ( I think ) and never once even came close to winning. And in every case he was the best man for the job.

    It amazes me how anyone, as an example, could pick Bush over Nader. But they do, and they did.

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