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Deep Rising

If you have never heard of this movie definitely get it, if you have heard of this movie there’s no point in saying that because you already have it.  But be careful there’s two versions, one is heavily edited. You want the one that is not edited, with all the goodies still intact.

I always wondered why they never did a sequel, even the ending set up a sequel. Don’t worry I won’t tell you, you’ll have to find out for yourself. It’s a deliciously tasty movie, and by that I mean people get devoured and then expelled in a beautifully disgusting fashion. If any movie deserves a sequel this one should be close to the top of that list.

If you want to find out more you can google it, as I don’t want to ruin your surprise. The movie has all the elements of a cult classic and then some. Couple of known actors that you should recognize, horror, comedy, and decent graphics. Not to mention, even though I already have, a surprise ending.

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