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deploy an MSI package to a group of workstations


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Please refer to the original post as not all the script may be visible here.

Much like the last script I posted, this script will deploy an MSI package to a group of workstations (provided in a text file). All you need is the list of workstations, the software package, and Microsoft Excel (and again, administrative access to each workstation from the command line).

Code: Select all
' File Name:   deployMSI.VBS
' Script Name:   deployMSI.VBS
' Created:      2008.03.28
' Author:      Rob Durkin, STuladhar, Talen
' E-mail:
' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
'   None
' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
'   Installs an MSI on a remote workstation from a network share and logs the

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