The Dodgers haven’t won a World Series since 1988, but they are hoping to end that drought by taking the series away from the Tampa Bay Rays starting with a 8-3 win yesterday. Then again the Rays have never won a series so they are hoping to dash the Dodgers dreams by adding their first.

The games are being held at a neutral location ( Texas Ranger Stadium in Arlington ) and only a maximum of 11,000 fans are allowed to attend each game. And, of course, in the history books I expect to see an asterisk next to whoever wins because of the massively shortened season from 162 games to 60.

This season is kinda like a David verses Goliath type of match up, one one hand you have the Dodgers with a long storied history and with deep pockets ( player salaries $107 million ), and on the other hand you have the Rays an expansion team from 1998 who have only ever been to the World Series once before in 2008 when they lost to the Phillies and has a dismal player budget of $28 million.

Well, why not root for the underdog…..1 game behind….go Rays!

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