Well I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Dodgers finally ended that 32 year streak that kept them from winning the World Series. The odds makers had them as the favorites so no surprise there, they took the Series in 6 games over the Rays. It was back in forth at first with the Dodgers taking game one, losing game two, winning game three, losing game four, then coming back to win the next two. 32 to 22 total.

The game wasn’t without some controversy, Justin Turner tested positive for Covid-19 during the game and was sidelined in the seventh inning. But that wasn’t the controversy, the issue was he wasn’t isolated, as requested by MLB, and spent a large portion of celebrating the win on the field without a mask, even been seen kissing his wife, and sitting next to Dave Roberts ( the team manager ) without a mask who’s a cancer survivor.

Now I guess it’s time for the Cleveland Indians to finally get their next World Series Championship, with the longest drought in MLB right now with 72 years since their last championship rings. Currently there are four teams with droughts longer than 50 years ( the aforementioned Indians, the Texas Rangers 60 years, the Milwaukee Brewers 52 years, and the San Diego Padres also 52 years ).

( images courtesy of si.com and thenation.com )

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