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Our two most popular attractions ( our forum, and our 1000+ games ) are ad-free. Not even AdSense ADS. Thousands of people come to TAZ every day to play their favorite games they’ve bookmarked and visit our forum and never see an AD.

Our only revenue source is the few AdSense ADs ( and anyone who deals with them knows how gawd-awfully pitiful those returns are 😉 ) and the occasional request for Advertising ( of which 90% we refuse because they’re…well…to be frank…lame 😀 ).

Hosting costs, domain renewal, upgrades, like everything else, seem to go up every year so whatever you’d like to donate to help us off-set some of those costs will enable us to keep going and continue to provide you with the best on the Net!

We would also like to get on a dedicated server to meet the demand of growing traffic, and provide better sites with quicker load times, increased functionality, and more options.

So…if you’d like to help we’d appreciate it.


TAZ and The TAZ Team

If you make a donation, and you don’t want to be anonymous,  you’re welcome to leave a comment with a link back to your site as a Thank-You from us for your generosity.

We also just added a ‘ Donor Appreciation Page ‘ you can find here:

TheTAZZone Donor Appreciation Page: Security Tutorials, Networking Tutorials, Open source Tutorials, Tech Help, 500 Games, Security Forum, Community Forums, and much more…

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