Is he freakin’ serious? OK I get that this role sparked his career, and I get he has a certain amount of loyalty to it for that reason, but are you freakin’ kidding me. To start off with it was a horrible movie, that spawned four sequels that were all equally or more so worse than the first, which all went straight to video. This would be like Arnold Schwarzenegger rebooting Conan the

Barbarian, which also was a horrible movie that only spawned an even worse sequel. And as much as I like Dwayne Johnson, his career hasn’t been at the same caliber as Arnie, if it wasn’t for the Fast and the Furious series/franchise he would still be making movies like Race to Witch Mountain and The Rundown. Even though The Mummy ( 2001 ) and The Scorpion King 9 2002 ) made money it was actually ten years later when he had a role in Furious Five ( 2011 ) that his career started to take off. All his best roles and movies came after Furious Five.

Reprising The Scorpion King is, to say the least, a waste of time, a waste of resources, and a waste of the man’s talents. Even behind the scenes as the producer. No doubt it will be a box office failure or another direct to video release. I don’t see a reboot achieving any level of success that is even worth the time contemplating. If he really wants to pay homage to the role that started his career he should donate to a hospital or something and have them put up a wall plaque ‘ Donated by Dwayne Johnson in tribute to his Role as Scorpion King ‘. Because, frankly, that’s all that role deserves.

Dwayne Johnson seems like a very decent, down to earth, loveable kind of guy, unlike Arnie who was a bit of a prick in his early days. But then, we thought the same thing about Bill Cosby until the shit hit the fan. Hopefully Dwayne wont do anything stupid to change our opinion. Rebooting The Scorpion King will do nothing to help his career, and may even hurt it.

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