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Ebay Shipping Price Absurdity

Like millions of other people I shop on Ebay. Mostly for DVDs and BlueRays, but occasionally other stuff as well. Now there is a lot of nice things I could say about the experience of shopping on Ebay, like the convenience of having stuff delivered to your door, the deals you can find, the overall quality of the merchandise, the way Ebay steps in and refunds you for items not received or received damaged, etc. Personally I prefer Ebay to Amazon, my daughters are the exact opposite, they much prefer Amazon. I like Amazon too but I find the things I generally purchase are a lot more expensive on Amazon, and some items you cant even buy at a reasonable price unless you subscribe to their Prime.

That being said, there is one thing that annoys me about Ebay, the inconsistency and the absurdity of shipping costs. Like how exactly does 2 DVDs which weigh the same, which are being sold by the same seller, have absurdly different shipping costs.  For instance, just a few hours ago I was checking out a seller, and some DVDs had a $4 shipping charge and other DVDs had $10 shipping charges. For DVDs with the same amount of DVDs discs. But that’s not even the worst of it, not by a long shot.

In many cases, for the type of items I purchase, I wouldn’t know about items I don’t purchase, the shipping costs are more than the item itself. OK, I get it, sellers lower the price of the item, and raise the shipping costs, to avoid paying the maximum fees to Ebay. But it’s not just that. Some sellers try to screw over buyers, specifically those who may overlook the shipping costs, and purchase based upon item price.

Ebay needs to crack down on those sellers trying to manipulate the system and buyers, sure that’s a big task, maybe it’s not even practical to implement, I certainly wouldn’t know, but what I do know, if you’re selling a DVD for $15.99 and you’re charging $19.99 shipping, I won’t be buying from you.

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