An era about to end, and a new beginning about to emerge. On one hand, I’m going to miss this old design, after spending the first 3 years of TAZ trying to find and customize a website design that I liked for this place, and eventually, after several incarnations, and countless wasted hours ( gawd, I still can’t believe how much time I’ve sunk into this place ), giving up on ever finding something I liked and which was easily customizable, then…

deciding to go the route of a blog ( which I avoided because it seems like WordPress comes out with a new version every 4 months and I didn’t want to spend half my life upgrading all my sites…Wordpress is great if you only have one site, but if you have several sites it’s a pain in the you-know-what 😉  ).

But there was still the problem of finding and customizing  a theme/style. After trying about 3 different themes over the 4th year I finally found something I liked. Something that had most of what I was looking for straight out of the box, and required only a little ( by comparison ) customization.

And if it wasn’t for the lingering and seemingly unsolvable problem with phpThumb I doubt I would even be considering a change. Even asking for advice on phpThumb’s own forum ( on two occasions ) was a useless attempt to solve the problem. For those who don’t know what phpThumb does, it creates those different sizes of images you see around the site, it takes an image and creates new images of that image in different sizes. The problem was, and is, that it creates too many images, so many images that I’m unable to even access the folder to clean it out, and it’s caused the site to go down twice so our host could remove those images ( literally millions of images according to our host ) from their server. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s a pain and an inconvenience having to tell contributors to this site that they have to be light on the image uploads because of the problem. This problem has prevented me from actively recruiting writers, because it severely limits them, and the increase in posts and images would cause the site to go down more frequently. The new site will not use phpThumb…problem resolved.

Aside from that pesky issue I love this design…sure it’s not brightly colored , doesn’t stick out like a neon sign at night, doesn’t inspire your imagination by great looks, etc etc etc…but, like with people, I was always one for substance over esthetics. And this design has a lot of substance.

So, like an old friend, I’m going to be sorry to see it go. But life goes on, change is necessary, ( insert your own cliche here ).

The new design will be more functional, more writer friendly, and will have better esthetics as well, but like with all things new, it’ll take a bit of getting used to.

I hope you like it when I roll it out, in about February…and come back often…bookmark us…social-network us…all that good stuff that shows us that we’re doing a good job and you like what we’ve done.

It’s all about the love, Baby! All about the love! 😉



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