Despite the fact that I live in New York State, I’m 250 miles North West of New York City so I have only the rather graphic pictures of the devastation rather than first hand knowledge of it. I’ve said little about it other than to wonder how people claiming they weren’t warned about what could happen could be taken seriously.

I don’t honestly know how I would behave if I had to contend with the nightmare that those poor survivors of Super Storm Sandy are dealing with, but I would hope that I’d rise to the occasion rather than descend into the realm of poor poor pitiful me. On the other hand I fully understand, in a way that many people don’t, that someone not caught in the middle of such a horrible occurrence has nothing by which to judge their own responses.

I’m not there, I’m not dealing with it so I’m not going to say anything about what those people are objecting to. I have some wind damage to my home, but I have electricity, running hot water, and a source of heat in my home. All things that far too many in half a dozen states don’t have, which is why I am offended beyond measure by the following tweet.


Her complaint seemed to be that Florida was being treated like “chopped liver”. I’m sure she has lived through hurricanes there and while I remember the devastation following Hurricane Andrew, I also remember the number of NY Staters that went there to volunteer during their recovery.

See? Floridians have a nice WARM climate. I have friends that winter there rather than handle the cold, frozen north country. This is November. Nights now are dropping into the 30’s and these people in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia and other Northern States dealt this blow by Sandy are dealing with impending winter. Many have no homes, close to 1,000,000 are still without power which is so necessary to operate their heat sources in order not to freeze to death.

This isn’t just a matter of being impatient with long gas lines, this is a matter of running the risk of dying from hypothermia if they can’t get gas for the generators. Most susceptible will be children and the elderly. This is a far cry from having to live with hurricane debris and other issues in a warm climate, this could very well be a matter of life or death.

I got angry when I saw her tweet. I answered it and then promptly regretted it since I’m not about picking fights online. I decided to unfollow the person whose tweet offended me and then after dealing with my anger all afternoon I decided to post my issue with that person’s attitude. It’s not “preferential treatment” to try to keep people from further tragedy that can be caused by freezing temperatures. Today’s high here was 49. The very young, the old and infirm can die at those temperatures without heat.

By Butterose

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2 thoughts on “Engage Brain Before Putting Fingers In Motion On The Keyboard”
  1. Storms are increasing in intensity and growing bigger. I’ve experienced the outer edges of 2 hurricanes in 2 years when the last one I remember happened here back in the 1950’s. Climate change? I don’t know but it wouldn’t surprise me, something sure has changed.

    And as usual we, those of us in the US have managed to politicize the entire mess. However, anyone who seems to think help should be provided based on what political party one belongs to is just plain hatefully stupid. I have 0 tolerance for that and she is gone from my timeline.

    Sometimes I just flat out hate people. 😀

  2. Never been through a hurricane before, been through a few storms, tornadoes, funnel clouds, an earthquake or two, but never a hurricane.

    You’re absolutely right about freezing temperatures, without heat more people could die than the hurricane itself killed.

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