Ethisphere has got to be one of the most useless ‘ think-tanks ‘ there is…this list of ethical companies reads like a sponsored, or perhaps ‘ if we mention them maybe they’ll buy some AD space ‘ , butt-kissing festival of absurdity.

case in point:

There have been accusations of repeated labor violations at Nike supplier plants where employees are underpaid, overworked, and commonly face verbal and even physical abuse.

Nike allegedly lied about conditions at overseas factories where their shoes and clothes are manufactured, in an attempt to guard the company from criticism for human rights and labor violations, and as a result the California Supreme Court ruled that Nike can be sued for false advertising after it was found that the company’s statements in defense of overseas labor conditions were “commercial speech.”

Geeeez…I could go on and on…but what’s the point…

I think I should make my own list of unethical companies…and Ethisphere would probably rate in my top 100…and maybe top 50 for the most useless and moronic.

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