I’ve come to the conclusion, and I admit it’s a journey into crazy wingnut territory, that the Republicans want the middle class reduced to poverty levels so they can have an unlimited source of cannon fodder. I mean, think about that.

First off, they like their oil money. What better way to insure that oil flows from the Middle East than to keep our military strong enough to invade there? They think absolutely nothing of taking money from our elderly, our veterans, and our disabled, to throw it into the coffers of the military industrial complex that some folks patriotically call The Pentagon!

Long live the Pentagon! Oh! Gee young man. Your Granny starved to death on what we left her in her Social Security Check? Well, sign right here on this dotted line and we’ll make sure you will never starve on yours. Of course, we don’t intend on your surviving what we have in store for you, but hey, you’ll almost have enough to live on until you get blown up by a landmine in some desert.

The only reason my mad is a tiny one is that I’m one person who sees this for what it is and I can’t do much to stop it. My problem is that even if President Obama is successful at withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan, once the Republicans take control, we’re screwed. We’ll be going right back over there because they like oil, and war. IRAN!

Oh, they’ll wait until they have a good reason that they can sell to the gullible, but we will spend another decade or more, at some point in the future, fighting for the Republican right to profit from Big Oil. What makes my tiny mad a little bit bigger is that the Republicans will have the able assistance of the more vocal professional bloggers, like Glenn Greenwald of Salon.

Political Progressives of his ilk give me heartburn. They’re hardline, unwilling to compromise anti drone idiots. Instead of supporting a Moderate Democrat like President Obama, they want it ALL their way. Compromise to move forward is caving. AND THEY SPEAK FOR ALL DEMOCRATS. Except, the progressive agenda of Dennis Kucinich, which is the agenda they support, found favor with only 7% of Democrats. Hmmm, that must be all of us…no?

Some day these online professional political bloggers will understand that the flames they choose to fan will consume them as well as the rest of us. Some day they’ll figure out that in order to have what they want, they must convince the MAJORITY of Americans that their way is right for all. In the meantime, they just preach to those who agree with them and keep the rest of us angry enough to fight them instead of promoting the candidates who will appeal to the majority of the People and will then be able to start slowly moving everyone to the Left.

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By Butterose

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