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Normally I’m not into these kinds of movies, but I was watching the Fight Network and it happened to come on. Critics panned this movie for a lot of reasons, mostly though because they thought it was too derivative of Romancing the Stone or Raiders of the Lost Arc. So the film only made 11 million, compared to 86 million and 389 million respectively for the two movies it’s compared to. But it wasn’t the critics who made the film make only 11 million, even though they’d love to take credit I’m sure, and they do, none of Chuck Norris’ films made money. Well they made money, in that they covered their budget, but weren’t box office blockbusters.

The Cannon Group was infamous for being cheap. Even their two primary Stars ( Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson ) had pitiful budgets to work with. The Delta Force, for example had a budget of 9 million and went on to make 17 million, Missing in Action had a budget of 3 million and went on to make 22 million, and the sequel Missing in Action 2 had a budget of 2 million and went on to make 10 million. Bronson’s films didn’t fare any better with Death Wish 2 having a budget of 8 million and bringing in 16 million, and 10 to Midnight having a budget of 4.5 million and bringing in 7 million.

So like I said they made money, at least enough to cover their budget anyways, but the budgets and the revenue was far below anything what one could call successful. It’s actually amazing how popular Norris and Bronson became considering what little they were given to work with, and how poorly their movies did at the box office. Even the original Death Wish movie ( which was with United Artists not Cannon ) only made 22 million. When you compare that with the success of Raiders of the Lost Ark which came out 6 years before Firewalker and made 389 million on an 18 million budget, well, you see what I mean.

But getting back to Firewalker, as bad as it did at the box office, and as bad as it was panned by critics, it wasn’t a bad movie. Not really my cup of tea as they say but as far as low budget movies go, it wasn’t that bad. Of course it helped a lot to have Lou Gossett Jr. and Melody Anderson in it. Ahhhh Melody, what a gorgeous face she had, well still has but much older now. Too bad for us she didn’t really pursue an acting career and went on to become a Clinical Social Worker.

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