It’s over! The fight Dana White and many others thought would never happen. When it was announced many thought it was ridiculous, a farce, a circus, a spectacle, nothing more than a money grab that would turn out to be a boring one-sided match up. Well, unlike the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight no one left feeling cheated. A 10 round surprisingly competitive boxing match that fans enjoyed and the money flowed.

Conor, despite his bravado, met his fate in the 10th round of the 12 round fight. Stopped by the ref, and for good reason, he wasn’t protecting himself. Even in MMA you need to protect/defend or it gets stopped. He wasn’t beaten as much as gassed, he had nothing left in the tank. Maybe he might have gotten a second wind, but maybe not, clearly he was totally gassed at the time of the stoppage.

Let’s be honest here, all bias aside, Floyd is just on another level, just like a lot of his fights he toyed with Conor, figured him out then went to work. But that’s what Floyd does, he’s a ring general who can figure out ways to win, he’s been doing it his entire career. What Floyd did do differently than the majority of his fights was come forward, and surprisingly, on occasion, give up his back. The coming forward makes you think maybe he is better than even he thinks he is, and could have even more dominated his earlier opponents. The giving up his back, well, that was just odd.

Conor did as good as half of Floyd’s opponents did. Which deserves respect for a guy having his pro boxing debut. Even though he lost he showed that he deserved to be in there as much as any of Floyd’s opponents. He gave it the best he had for 10 rounds, and he never looked in trouble until he gassed. Personally, I think he underestimated the wear and tear on those arms in a boxing match, when you have nothing else to go to. In MMA you get a chance to rest those arms throwing knees, head kicks, leg kicks, etc whereas in boxing no such luck. Just like in the Diaz fights I think if a rematch happened it would go the distance, same result Floyd winning, but he would put on an even better performance than he did.

Paulie Malignaggi is a bitch, still mouthing off, running his mouth, talking shit. Paulie was no where near the caliber of Floyd or even Conor for that matter, both would easily kick his ass. Looking for a big payday, a red pantie night, I hope he doesn’t get it. I hope he goes back to the place he was before he started talking shit about Conor, obscurity. No one talked about him, no one cared, no one listened to him, and that’s the way it should be.

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