Alright, everytime I hear or see the word ‘ free ‘ my first thought is ‘ ya, right ‘…but in this case it’s true.

As you already know we are a non-commercial site, everything we offer ourselves is FREE…we have over 1000 ad-free, full screen games you can play for FREE, we have 100’s of photos you can use for FREE, we have 100’s of smileys and avatars you can download and use for FREE, all our tutorials and video tutorials are FREE to view or read…

you don’t have to be a member of TheTAZZone to utilize any of the things we offer FREE to you, you don’t have to give us any personal information, you don’t have to give us your e-mail address…we ask you for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

we only request that if you do use our site that you give us a courtesy link back…and we don’t even demand that…and we could…and probably should.

So, when we say we can offer you FREE Website/Blog Promotion we actually mean it.

If you have a website or a blog and want our help go here:

TwitBlip: Where Twitters and Blippers meet in the more than 140 Character World….when 140 Characters just isn’t Enough!

Join up at TwitBlip, it’s FREE too…and post in the Website Review section and we’ll see what we can do for you.

By admin

Former Freehand Freelance Graphic Illustrator... been online since 2004 ( late starter ), blogging since 2005, presently writing a suspense-thriller e-book that began as a screenplay.