This is a list being created specifically to point out those Celebs who are so self-centered that they think they should be followed but you are not worthy enough to be followed back.

Personally I don’t get it. I don’t follow any Celebs because everyone I’ve come across has very little respect for those that follow them…so little respect in fact that they don’t think you have anything worth saying to even bother following you in return.

In no specific order Celebs who do not in any way care about anything you have to say. They have no interest in all of reading anything you post.

The fact is, to them, you simply aren’t worth bothering with.

WORST OFFENDERS LIST : Celebs who follow less than 100 people or no one but other Celebs…or both.

















this list will be updated and more Celebs will be added. Actually it would be a lot easier to list those who aren’t so self-absorbed…

that list will be coming soon.

And so…


Here is a list of Celebs who actually do follow people who follow them. They don’t follow everyone but they do follow enough to justify their place here. For example, as of this writing MCHammer follows over 26,000 people, and Britney Spears follows over 300,000.


this addition courtesy of Chris @chrispirillo



It should be noted that we do not really know if they are who they say they are or if it is someone they are paying to pretend to be them.

We however do assume that those who are not following a significant amount of people who are following them very likely are the Celebs themselves.

As they apparently have busier and more important lives to attend to. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Full of themselves Celebs on Twitter”
  1. Some people might not consider @chrispirillo a celeb, but he was on TV, and he even responded to a DM from me… pretty good guy.

  2. When we do the list of good Celebs to follow ( which will likely be a very short list 😀 ) @Alyssa_Milano may go there…but first we’d have to discover if it really is her or someone she pays to do it 😉

  3. That is not a very large list you have there. 😉 I’m surprised you don’t have @aplusk, @mrskutcher and @moonfrye on this list. It just seems like they are after a large amount of followers just to verify how popular they are. At first I thought it was cool they turned to Twitter and allowed us to read their thoughts and things they were doing, but now I think they all just need their own social network.

    I don’t think a celebrity should have to follow us. But I do think they should respond back if they want anyone else to care what they have to say. It’s like we’re just another step on their ladder to the top.

    I have only seen one actually respond to non-celebrities on a regular basis, and that is @Alyssa_Milano. She actually communicates with others.

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