OK the G.O.A.T. is very speculative, as there are many things to consider, like one could easily argue that GSP fought much better competition for his era, and virtually all those he fought were still in their prime. But here we are just looking at statistics. Just statistics. And let’s see how they measure out.


GSP fought 22 times in the UFC with 20 victories
Khabib 13 times with 13 victories
Conor 12 times with 10 victories
GSP Wins


GSP had 6 KO’s in the UFC
Khabib 2 KO’s
Conor 8 KO’s
Conor Wins


GSP had 5 submissions in the UFC
Khabib 5 submissions
Conor 0 submissions
GSP/Khabib tied for the Win


GSP successfully defended the UFC Welterweight belt 9 times
Khabib defended his belt 3 times
Conor defended his belts 0 times
GSP Wins


GSP held the UFC belt in both the Welterweight and the Middleweight divisions
Khabib held the Welterweight belt
Conor held belts in both the Featherweight and Lightweight divisions
GSP Wins by default as Conor never defended either belt


GSP suffered 2 losses but avenged both losses
Khabib never lost
Conor suffered 2 losses but only avenged 1 of those losses
Khabib Wins


GSP won 13 UFC fights in a row
Khabib won 13 in a row
Conor won 7 in a row
GSP/Khabib tied for the Win

Now we could dig much deeper and include rounds without a loss, etc, but what’s the point, clearly GSP comes out on top. Now, that being said, Khabib and Conor could go on to increase their statistics over time but as it stands right now, between the three of them, GSP comes out the clear winner. OK I hear the screaming, where’s Anderson Silva? Where’s Jon Jones? Let’s face it, as dominant as Anderson was he never recovered after his loss to Chris Weidman, with 8 fights afterwards with only 1 win. At least GSP and Conor bounced back after their losses. And a true Champion shows in how they pick themselves up after a loss, dusts themselves off, gets back into the game, and gets back on track. Anderson folded like a deck of cards. Jones pretty much took himself out the running with his drugs and steroids’ use, not to mention his other activities, on a path of self-destruction. A case of potential greatness being brought down from within.

We also need to take into account that Khabib has never fought at his true weight class in the UFC, he’s a natural welterweight. GSP and Khabib are both 5’10”, GSP’s walking around weight is 184, Khabib’s walking around weight is 190. Khabib is a true welterweight, and could easily fight at middleweight. Understanding this you understand why he’s so dominant at lightweight. Just like Conor was dominant at featherweight. Both these guys were fighting smaller weaker opponents. When Conor stepped up to fight in his natural weight class he wasn’t as dominant. Khabib has never fought in his natural weight class in the UFC.

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