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Game Review “Total War: Three Kingdoms”

Year after year, the “Total War” series uses the same idea and tries to follow it adding new chips. “Rome” showed fantastic flights of the game camera, Empire surprised with sea battles, and Warhammer launched a horde of orcs and dragons. The basis of the game play is still the same: the developers changed only the scenery. Although fans do not expect serious shocks, Three Kingdoms still shows a lot of new ideas.

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Dark Times

China, II century of our era. Corruption and civil strife plagued the Middle Kingdom: officials, princes, and especially arrogant gangsters are trying to grab a fatter piece. Alliances are concluded and immediately collapse, the war does not end, ordinary people suffer from hunger and devastation. A large-scale rebellion of the Yellow Armbands still on the way. The historical setting is recreated in details: enemies immediately surround you, and a huge amount of aggressive players appears on the political scene.

Military Romance

The developers found the inspiration at the legendary novel “Three Kingdoms” by Luo Guanzhong, and although it was written on the basis of ancient chronicles, it turned out to be very much embellished with military romance. Therefore, when launching the campaign, Three Kingdoms offers an unusual choice between the classic mode and the new, “romanticized” one. The first option – the standard realistic Total War, but the second one is definitely more interesting and fresher: here we are leading almost mythical heroes, a kind of knights, and killing dozens of enemies.

Which side to choose?

The map of Chinese lands turned out to be, perhaps, the largest in the entire history of the series – the number of provinces and principalities is diverse. Therefore, a lot of time can be spent on choosing the faction to be commanded: although the difference between a dozen armies is small, not all coalition members, governors, and even robbers have the same starting conditions and strategic features. Creative Assembly has repeatedly shown how great they manage to work out the asymmetric parties to the conflict as in Warhammer.

Old mechanism with new gear

Total War game play still wants to compare with a complex, but properly working machine. In step-by-step mode, we solve issues of the state level, and on the battlefield, we hit the enemy in real-time battles. Both modes are full-fledged and deep, but if you wish, you can play only on the global map, rendering the results of the battle to the computer, or play only in large-scale battles.
Being a ruler, you can find dozens of activities and problems to solve: from construction and reforming to organizing marriage of convenience.


Every spring we can carry out one reform. There are plenty of options:
· distribution of benefits to certain social groups;
· support for agriculture
· encouragement of foreign traders in your territory, etc.
The process itself is very involving: the reform tree is designed like a Sakura, where flowers are blooming when choosing an option.


Diplomacy has definitely become wiser. Now, when negotiating, we do not work with one of several options or ultimatums but sort out dozens of proposals. You can agree with the allies about military assistance, and you can ask for a piece of territory, food, resources, or even urgently marry your daughter.
Thanks to the atmosphere of Ancient China, the “Three Kingdoms” was perhaps the most impressive release of the entire series.

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