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Games that are Coming to Xbox Game Pass For Console

There are a number of games that are going to be added to the Xbox Game Pass for Console. Real money casino gamblers from sites such as can also play Xbox Game Pass for Console just for fun.

Here are the games that are coming soon and some that are already here.

Day Z (ID@Xbox) – May 7

In this game, 60 players on the server follow a single goal. It is basically a survival game where everyone tries to survive as long as possible by all means necessary.

You will not be given help, you will also not receive be given superficial tips, waypoints or help.

Red Dead Redemption 2- May 7

The game is about Arthur Morgan and Van der Linde gang who are outlaws on the run in America 1899.

The gang must steal and rob as well as fight their way across the heartland of America to survive. All this is because the federal agents as well as the bounty hunters are massing on their heels.

The gang is internally divided and the gang is on the verge of being torn apart.

Final Fantasy 1X – May 14

The game features Zidane and Tantalus Theater Troupe Who have kidnapped Princess Garnet. Princess Garnet is the hair of Alexandria.

Fractured Minds (ID@Xbox)- May 19

Fractured Minds is a short game. It explores anxiety and mental health issues. You will embark on a journey through the human psych.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Well you can now play your favorite tracks offline if you are an ultimate member. You can play them anywhere. You now have Phantasy Star Online 2 which has a monthly bonus which includes rare drop boost and more. Alternatively, you can play online casino games also known as jeux en ligne de casino in French.

Other games that have Been Added

Moving Out

The game is about a qualified furniture and relocation technician. You will be taking moving jobs across the town of Packmor. What is cool about this game is you can even recruit other people to help you.

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