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Get to know the Most Popular Unconventional Site on the Net

Yep…that’s Us Baby!  TheTAZZone!

We fly in the face of convention and conventional wisdom. We’re a ‘ mutt ‘ site. A collection of various things in one package…crusading against the status quo with a Spanker in one hand and a Hot Tub in the other.

Most people will tell you that when you create a site you should have one running theme…and they’re right…you should. That is the conventional wisdom, that your site should be very topic specific. Most sites that don’t follow this wisdom do, in fact, fail.

But Da TAZ is an anomaly! It breaks with convention, and is the most popular non-conventional site on the Net.

On TAZ you’ll find:

ORIGINAL ‘ TAZForum Member Tutorials on a wide range of topics from Photoshop to Computer Security

Over 1000 ‘ AD-FREE ‘ and ‘ FULL-SCREEN ‘  arcade games to play…that’s right Baby,  NO-ADS! Just you and the game. And we’re the ‘ ONLY ‘ site that does this.

20 Rock N’ Roll Music Lists of music from 1960-1999, and 3 pages of classic rock trivia.


‘ ORIGINAL ” Commentary on about as wide of a range of subjects as there are opinions.

So…is TAZ a Tutorial Site? A Games Site? An Opinion Journal? It’s all three and a lot more.

We’re the goulash, the hodgepodge, the surprise stew…the MUTT of the Internet!

Now you know why we call ourselves Internet Chaos! 😀

So…bookmark us, come back often, tell your friends, play our games, have fun, and hope to see ya on da flip side! 😀

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