There are literally millions of websites on the Internet…and billions of pages…in 2007 it was estimated that there was approximately 110 million ‘ distinct websites ‘ and approximately 30 billion pages…these numbers have obviously increased since then…

so the competition to succeed is ferocious to say the least.

Very few websites make huge strides without tons of capital behind them…small budget or no budget sites have very little promise of success…however some do make it.

Most of the most popular websites were popular companies before the Internet…such as the New York Times, Sony, Walmart, etc…companies that brought their off-line success onto the Net. Some of the most popular website/services became popular on the Net…having no previous existence outside of the Net…such as Google, Firefox, AVG, etc…by providing a service that could be used by everyone to better their enjoyment of the Net.

But…for most of us…success on the Internet is a daily struggle…to keep your place or rise above it in an ever-increasing sea of sites that are vying for that same attention.

Our own site has seen and participated in that struggle…going from an Alexa rating of over 800,000 our first year…to just over 190,000…back up to 400,000…back down to 170,000…and presently sitting just under 200,000…with no capital spending…just hard work, a little luck, and the consumption of a mass amount of time.

A rating of 200,000, or thereabouts, is a respectable figure for any site, but it wasn’t easy…and it takes a lot of work to stay there…especially when you do not have deep pockets.

To succeed on the Internet today…is the same or more difficult than succeeding in the off-line world…ultimately you want to have very deep pockets, a great idea, and a workable plan…barring that, you want to have a lot of time to invest, a great idea, and an extrodinary plan…

or a whole lotta luck. 😉

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