As a result of Radiovixen’s first post here at The Mutt (See Editor Butterose Picks on the Front page) I discovered that I am not nearly in as good physical condition as I hoped I was. I’m close to 63 and have lost weight, almost 40 pounds actually, but apparently I’m still out of shape.

 I discovered this on Friday when I hauled out my soundtrack for the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” and started to play it. Half way through the first song I got up and started to shake my booty. Ahhhhh, youth. Which I thought I had recovered some of and wasn’t paying attention to what my body was trying to tell me. I didn’t faint, puke or die, but I was so wrapped up in the music, LOUD music, that I couldn’t hear my body telling me to “Sit down you old fool, you’re killing us.”

The soundtrack is 39 minutes long, all up tempo synth pop which I loved back in the 80’s. It was great music to exercise or dance to and all I was doing was dancing…and dancing…and dancing. Which I have not done in the past…oh…3 or 4 years. I guess chair dancing doesn’t count.

I told my doctor about my little episode since she could see that moving is still painful. She, after having a “serious discussion” with me, has given me a regimen that I am to follow so that I don’t do that to myself again.

I take a medication that is designed to protect my heart from my malignant hypertension. When an out of shape person goes bang on with aerobics as I did, especially one that is 63 and not exercising at that level, it seriously elevates that persons blood pressure.

My days of going bang on with the aerobics, are somewhere in the future, AFTER I spend the time doing what she says I have to do, which is a walking program. Half an hour daily 5 days a week until I build up endurance. At least she didn’t say I couldn’t listen to music while I was walking.

I also need to double down on myself in the eating right category. If I’m going to get in shape, I need to be on target in that area more than the 60% of the time that I am now. I’m going to get right on that…as soon as I have a Banana Split. Which will be on Monday, but in the meantime, I’ll behave myself…honest.

By Butterose

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  1. That’s the stuff I don’t do enough of and then do a knock myself out marathon. At least I know I don’t have a bad heart. I just need to introduce it to exercise in a way that doesn’t make it throw up whatever it throws up and quit on me. 😀

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