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I have tried to outline the basics of CS:Source in the following tutorial. You will find most of the information you need to get started in this tut.. The rest, you will have to learn by playing the game I'm gagging for a shag

Let’s start with the out of game topics – what you need to know before playing the game.

Buying CS:Source

There are two ways of buying Counter-Strike:Source. I recommend going for the first option if you have fairly slow broadband (<1Mbps), as the files could take a while to download. However, option 2 may be more suitable depending on your situation, especially if you live in a country where this game is difficult to find (e.g. Belgium).

1. Look around the game shops in town. One will most probably have a copy of Counter-Strike:Source, whether it is being sold separately, or being sold with Half Life 2. Please make sure you check on the back of the box to verify that Counter-Strike:Source is included – but most (if not all) copies of Half Life 2 bring it anyway.

If the local game shops don’t have it, try looking on an online shop, like Amazon. Amazon sells a copy of Counter-Strike:Source – here is a copy available from Amazon for a discounted £15. Not bad!

2. Go to Steam‘s homepage and download the Steam Client. Install it on your computer.

Once it has been installed, start Steam. You can now register your own Steam account, which you can use to play several different games and mods, and which holds its own Steam ID.
Once you’re in, go to the Games tab, and look for Counter-Strike:Source. Make sure you select it and not one of the older versions! From there, you will be able to purchase a copy, and that will automatically become available to your new account. Then, it’s simply the case of downloading all the Counter-Strike:Source files (which may take quite a long time, depending on your connection speed), and then you can play!


First of all, let’s get you the right settings. It will decrease the amount of lag, and will allow you to make the most of the server’s resources. Instructions follow.

1. Make sure Counter-Strike:Source is closed. Exit Steam as well just to make sure.

2. Open your favourite text editor (preferably one that DOESN’T add an extension automatically) and type in the following lines:

cl_updaterate 66
cl_cmdrate 66
rate 20000

3. Choose ‘Save As’, call the file ‘autoexec.cfg’, and save it in the C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\~username\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg\ directory.

4. Start CS:Source, and join a server.

Anothing thing you should do is enable the developer console. To do this, make sure CS:Source is open (you do not have to be connected to a server), and do the following:
Options -> Keyboard tab -> Advanced -> Enable developer console (tick the box)


Time’s up, get off CS:S! We need to set up something else. I'm gagging for a shag

Run along to XFire and download the XFire client. Also create an account on the website while it is downloading! Remember the username and password, as that is what you will be using to log into XFire.

Once you have downloaded and installed the client, log in using the details you just registered with. You should be in by now – this is the master of all game-related chat programs. It will recognise almost every game you have installed, allow you to browse servers for the games you have and even place a shortcut to be able to join your favourite server (*cough*TAZServer) straight from the app. It also helps you keep tabs with your friends, and will tell you not only what game they are playing, but how long they have played that game, and who their own friends are! That is class, my dear friend. I'm gagging for a shag

And don’t forget to add me. My username is: lancerr


Here is a quick description of TeamSpeak, quoted from their own website:

TeamSpeak is a quality, scalable application which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet.

And the best thing is that it’s perfect to use with CS:Source! What a coincidence.
Ok, now go over to TeamSpeak’s website and download the latest version of the TeamSpeak 2 Client. The usual downloading and installing, and you’ll end up with a pretty shortcut on your desktop if –
a. You haven’t done anything wrong, or
b. You haven’t chosen not to put the shortcut on your desktop.

I'm gagging for a shag

Now that my small bit of wry humour is over, we can continue with setting up TeamSpeak. The default settings are good, so all you need to do is go to ‘File -> Quick Connect’ and type in the following details:

Server IP:
Port: 9026

Give yourself a funky nickname, and log in. There’s a world of things you can do with TeamSpeak, but I’ll leave that to its own documentation (on the website)! Hehe..

Note: If TeamSpeak is laggy while you are playing, exit CS:Source and change the codec to ‘Wave’ in the Settings window. Now it should work better! I advise you disable the inbuilt CS:Source chat feature, or set it to an obscure key, because if not the situation might get a bit confusing. I'm gagging for a shag

Set it to begin transferring via MIC as soon as the volume reaches a certain level, and check the bar to see if it’s at the right level for your voice.

Oh, and (sadly) having cute babies in the room doesn’t help either – if your poor young one starts crying in the middle of a CS:Source match, the other TeamSpeakers won’t be too happy :lol:

Now, we move on to the fun stuff. Playing the game I'm gagging for a shag


Keys 1 – 9

These keys are your weapons.
The primary weapon is assigned key ‘1’. A primary weapon is any SMG (Sub-Machine Gun), rifle, or other large gun. That is, anything which is not a pistol or an accessory.
The secondary weapon is assigned key ‘2’. A secondary weapon is a pistol. You are supplied with one automatically at the beginning of the round, but with a clip and only 2 extra clips for ammo.
Key ‘3’ is used for your knife. You cannot get rid of the knife – you are supplied with one automatically.
Key ‘4’ is used for all grenades, which you can purchase.
Key ‘5’ is used for the bomb. Note that this is only available to the Terrorist team – the Terrorist who picks up the bomb.

Key B

This is the BUY key. By pressing it, you will be taken to a graphical menu. From this graphical menu, you can purchase every weapon in the game. However, pressing ‘B’ and following it by a sequence of numbers to select your choices is far quicker. You will become more accustomed to using the numbers the more you use the game.

Key R

The reload key. Use this tactically! You don’t want to reload when an enemy is coming round the corner I'm gagging for a shag

Key E

This is the USE key. This key is used to open doors, instruct hostages to follow you, defuse a bomb (this only applies to the Counter-Terrorist team), and other things that may need to be ‘USEd’.

Keys Z, X and C

These three keys are used to chat to your teammates. This is to say things like ‘Go, go, go!’, ‘Storm the front’, ‘Affirmative’ and many other useful commands. Play around with them – that is the best way to learn what they do.

Key G

This key is used to drop your current weapon. Please note that only primary and secondary weapons, and the bomb (Terrorists only) can be dropped. You cannot drop your knife, nor grenades. All your weapons will automatically be dropped if you die or disconnect from the server.

You can pick up another gun by walking over or near it. So, if you want to switch from an Uzi to an AK47, all you have to do is look away, press G, and then run up to the AK47.

Keys , and .

The , key will buy a clip of primary ammo, and the . key will buy a clip of secondary ammo. This may not be too clear to begin with, but try them out – you will soon see what I mean.

Key Q

This is the quick switch key. This will switch from your current weapon to the last one you used if you press it, and back again if you press it again. When every round starts and I buy a primary weapon, I always select my secondary one immediately after. This allows me to switch between my primary and secondary weapons very rapidly.

This key can also be used to help you snipe, because it allows you to ‘skip’ the reload (on the awp, this is faster), and it also allows you to look around to check that nobody is sneaking up behind you. A valuable skill :)

Keys Y and U

Press the Y key to talk to everyone. Press it, then type in your message (which will be displayed at the bottom-left corner of the screen) and hit Enter to send it. Hit Escape if you wish to cancel it.

The U key does the same, but you will only say the message to your teammates. The opposite team will not be able to see your message.

Key F

This is your Flashlight button. Press it once to turn your flashlight/torch on, press it again to turn it off. Could it be easier?

Key T

Use this key to spray an image. You can set which image to spray by going to ‘Options -> Multiplayer tab’ and changing your spray. The standard image types are all allowed, so you should be able to choose your favourite image. Beware of the larger images, as they may look distorted when you resize them! 256×256 pixels is a good spray size.

Oh, and if you’re interested in creating a transparent effect (and you know your way around a powerful imaging tool like Photoshop), then you can make an even cooler spray by following either of these tutorials: click here or here.
For more information about sprays, see this tutorial.

Key M

Use this key to change teams, or to become a spectator (if it is allowed). Try it out – you will soon become familiar with it.

Ctrl key

Use this key to crouch – this will make your firing more accurate, can protect you if you’re hiding behind a box (note that wooden boxes can be shot through), and makes you more difficult to hit. Try crouching every time you see an enemy and firing at them – you should notice a difference.

Spacebar key

Jump. Jump more. Jump a bit more. Jump.

Oh, and to jump higher, use this in conjunction with Ctrl and the key for the direction of movement. Another valuable skill!

F5 Key

By default, this key is the screenshot key. All screenshots will be saved to your C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\~username\counter-strike source\cstrike\screenshots folder.

Truth be told, I always change the screenshot key to ‘V’. It makes taking screenshots much easier on the hand.

Key ~ or `

This is the key to bring up the console, which we enabled earlier. The console can be used to alter settings, remotely administer the server, and do a myriad of other things. Press the ~ or ` key (this depends on your keyboard) once to bring up the console, and press it again to minimise it.

W, A, S, D Keys & Mouse

These are the standard movement keys found in almost every FPS. And most other games I'm gagging for a shag

W = Forwards
A = Left
S = Backwards
D = Right

Move mouse = Look around
Left mouse button = Fire
Right mouse button = Secondary action. E.g. Adding a silencer, looking down the scope, etc.

Thanks for reading this tutorial. I might make a tactics one later on… Time will tell I'm gagging for a shag

[edit] You can also use an application called SprayR to convert standard images into CS:Source sprays. However, it isn’t quite perfect yet.. So we will have to wait and see if future releases fix the problem :)

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