Google+ is the new attempt by Google to take on social networking giants, primarily Facebook., and is just another of their projects which is a  disaster waiting to happen.

They tried before and failed miserably with Google Wave and Google Buzz. And shot themselves in the foot with Buzz by automatically enrolling their G-mail users without their permission which resulted in a lawsuit and an out-of-court settlement.

Let’s face facts Google has made some goofs over the years in their attempt to take over the Internet. And I suspect that Google+ will be the next goof in line. Clones don’t go over well on the Internet, a lot of ducks have to be lined up in a row and a lot of luck has to magically appear for a clone to overtake a very popular original idea. It does happen…( Facebook succeeded MySpace, Google succeeded Yahoo, etc…does anyone even remember the once popular Netscape browser that was replaced by IE? ), so does getting hit by lightning and winning the lottery…but don’t count on it.

The Google blog press release makes Google+ sound like a children’s playhouse. It goes on to explain what Google+ is about as if they are talking to morons.

We made Google what it is, just like we we’re making Firefox what it is…we took a little search engine that was just a needle in the big haystack of Yahoo and made it into a billion dollar company. And ever since then Google has been trying to recreate that lightning strike by cloning other things off the Net…and failing.

I think it’s high time Google did two things…

1. stop trying to tell us what we want and listen to the public that made them the giant they are and create something we actually want, instead of constantly trying to recreate something we don’t even need…the more often they fail the less confidence people will have in them, and the more likely they will get replaced just like they replaced Yahoo

2. get rid of that gawd awful page rank system and it’s no-follow attribute…no other search engine has or requires it, because no other search engine is stupid enough to be that aggressively interfering. Google itself claims it’s meaningless and took it off of Webmaster’s Tools to make that point. Yet allows it to continue to exist. If it did not exist a whole slew of issues that site owners deal with would go away.  It’s a hindrance not a help.

Google+ is going to go into the annals of the Internet as another ‘ FAIL ‘…they would be far better off buying Facebook than trying to clone it.

UPDATE: apparently Microsoft leaked their foray into social networking giants, but quickly removed the page and excused it as ‘ we were just goofing around with this and it accidentally went live ‘.


“A striking number of Google+ accounts have been deleted in the last 24 hours”

Google Plus Deleting Accounts En Masse: No Clear Answers | ZDNet

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9 thoughts on “Google+ is anyone going to Care?”
  1. Yep, I spend about 5-15 minutes a day on Facebook, just long enough to respond to anyone who pokes or talks to me. I like the people, don’t really care for the medium.
    You might be right about that ‘ lightweight passport ‘, the Internet does seem to be driving in that direction.

  2. Yea, I agree with that point about Google.

    They have had 1 killer idea which has given them enough money to march around sucking up other ideas. But for whatever reason I have a lot of time for the stuff they produce.

    I really dislike Facebook too. It is too monolithic, too 1 size fits all. I literally can’t imagine why anyone would sit there on the Facebook website for any length of time. Getting updates pushed to Tweetdeck or something is different… Facebook becomes another Twitter in that instance.

    If my 2 cents are worth anything then I think the future social tool will be a lightweight passport you use to interact with content that other people provide. We are kinda seeing this with FB Connect, Disqus etc, but I think it will all converge and include services like Google Wallet and be a lot more independent of any central site.

    And the company best positioned for this are Twitter.

  3. I passed on Facebook for a long time but I finally succumbed this year ( a couple months ago in fact ) and started an account, never had a MySpace account ever, even Twitter started to bore me after a couple months, tried Plurk, Google Wave, and others and they just never measured up to the hype. About the only one that I have been satisfied with to any measurable extent is Blip where you can play tunes and converse.

    Maybe Google+ will surprise me and will be the next lightning hit…but I seriously doubt it. Google has had far more success buying popular trends than trying to recreate them.

  4. Not used it yet BUT…

    Google+ is a Facebook clone in the same way that Facebook was a Myspace clone.

    Basic idea, but with a different execution.

    I hope it does well as it will mean that SEO as we know it will die and it Search marketing will become a lot more about connections rather than links, good customer service more than shitty fake reviews and genuine creativity rather than link baiting.

  5. You might be right Bob…but history bears me out. Google failed with Google Wave and failed again with Google Buzz. What makes you think that Google+ will be any different?

    I realize that there are some people who are Google groupies ( not saying you’re one of them ) who think that Google can do no wrong…but we’re not talking about that little start-up search engine that we pushed ( like we did /do Firefox now ) because it deserved to be pushed. Google is now just like any other mega corporate giant, including all the warts of that success.

    It’s lost touch with that grassroots support that drove it to where it is now. And I suppose that if Firefox ever becomes a global giant the same thing will happen to them. As they say…power corrupts.

    That funny, quirky, search engine with the motto ‘ Don’t be Evil ‘ that everyone took under their wing died long before they made their first billion.

  6. I might not know a lot but one thing I know for sure – you have no clue whatsoever…

  7. Google started out with the right idea ‘ Don’t be Evil ‘. But something always seems to happen when companies get too big for their britches. They lose sight of their original focus. Google seems to want to monopolize every aspect of the Internet and that’s not a good thing. Monopolies tend to ruin creativity, competition, and value. All one has to do is look at any corporation that has or had a monopoly to see what kind of destructive force it is.

    Google+ doesn’t look like it’s got what it takes to regulate Facebook to a second-tier social networking site like Facebook did to MySpace. And that’s probably a good thing.

  8. Absolutely agree, Google has gone crazy buying up the Net like they want to control everything. Don’t know if Google+ will fail or not, they do say ‘ third’s the charm ‘.

  9. Can’t say I can predict the outcome of something that isn’t even publicly out yet, but yah most cookie-cutter copies don’t make it. But like you said lightning does strike, who knows?

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