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I’m glad you came to check us out. Now for your debriefing:


TAZ ( aka Egaladeist ) is a under-paid over-worked charity coordinator for a Nationally Registered Charity. I’ve spent over 35 years working in various capacities, volunteer and paid, with several charities.

Was also once, for about 20 years, a Freelance Freehand Illustrator for print, silk-screen, and other mediums.


TheTAZZone is the ‘ ONLY ‘ site on the Net that offers over 1000 games to play ‘ AD-FREE ‘ and ‘ FULL-SCREEN ‘…that means that there’s no ADs or anything else to distract you, no accidental clicks, nada…just you and the game.

Every other site that offers game play makes money off of you by you playing their games, either through CPM or CPC ADs. They surround their games with ADs so you’ll accidentally click on them creating revenue.

Or they don’t host the games themselves and you end up getting redirected through an affiliate link.

WE ( TAZ ) host all our games, there are no affiliate links, and no ADS during game play. Even though it is a popular attraction for visitors we don’t make a penny off of it no matter how many times you come or how many times you play the games.

Why? Because we hate playing games on a small screen surrounded by annoying ADs ourselves. And we want you to have fun, come back, tell your friends, and make us the premier non-commercial site on the Net.


We love music…aside from our 20 music lists, and 3 music trivia pages we are always Blippin’ music on our online DJ Station. Which we sometimes refer to as Sweat 98.6 FM the Heat, or Spankilicious Music, or other things as the mood suits us.

I like to have fun, mixed in with trivia, promotion, and great classic rock, one-hit wonders, and rare garage classics that you probably won’t hear on mainstream oldies radio.

Free Music | Listen to Music Online | TheTAZZone – Blip.fm


We have some of the best commentary on the Net, even if I do say so myself. Butterose is a wizard in her approach and honesty, and more than worth the read, no matter what topic she talks about. We love comments, we do read them, and we do approve most of them.


We have several hundred written and video tutorials on site, all ‘ ORIGINAL ‘ works created by our members. Topics include hacking, security, php, photoshop, backups, CISCO,Β  phpBB, etc…please do not reproduce them without the Authors permission, or you can contact us for limited permission.


We offer a selection of avatars that you can use for free. Just pick out the one you want from our list and download it for your use.


We have 3 dedicated directories…a Sports Directory for sports-related sites, a Tech Directory for tech-related sites, and a Social Directory for personal sites.

The Social Directory: Bringing the Best of the Social Net together in one place

The Sports Zone ( aka The Sports Emporium ): The Dedicated Sports Directory for all major, minor, professional, and amateur sports enthusiasts

The Tech Directory: Microsoft, Windows, Security, Programming, Linux, Open Source, Apple, Mac, Networking, Wireless, Intrusion, and much more…

These are not your typical directories, they are targeted directories, that allow you not only to submit your site/s, but also submit articles, and leave comments.

If you have a website or blog you should get it/them listed…it only takes a moment, it’s free ( unless you want special features and, frankly, most don’t need them ), and it will help your site/s get some extra exposure and traffic.


We have a free community computer forum that specializes in computer security. Our forum is ‘ AD-FREE ‘. And the people there are very friendly and helpful.

TAZforum: Computer and Security Assistance, Tutorials, Games, and a laid-back community.


So why not make TAZ a regular stop, bookmark us, link to us, share us with your friends, we’d love to have you, and together we can make TAZ the best non-commercial site on the Net.

By admin

Former Freehand Freelance Graphic Illustrator... been online since 2004 ( late starter ), blogging since 2005, presently writing a suspense-thriller e-book that began as a screenplay.

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  1. That’s actually a very good idea Lynda but i honestly wouldn’t even know how to do that πŸ˜€ Thanks for trying to Tweet, sometimes TwitThis works, sometimes it doesn’t, it’s very fickle. πŸ˜‰

  2. I think you should market your site to all the colleges and universities! Β Just twitted you.

    Well the twit didn’t work, but I tried. Β I’m baffled by all this web stuff.

  3. @Butterose I agree, that promoting yourself is advantageous. But the product too matters. For instance TAZ could never be as popular as BC because TAZ is not designed as a social community ( ie. BC, Broo, Facebook, Fried Eggs, MySpace, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, etc.. ). And up till recently it didn’t even have contributors as for the first 4 years it was closed to registration ( and still is…you can’t just sign up here ). The point I’m making is that it is much easier to promote a social networking site of contributors than it is to promote a closed website/blog. So part of Tony’s success lies in that he has taken advantage of the popularity of social networking. As far as I am aware neither Tony nor Angie have a website/blog…all their sites are social networking sites which are, at this time, a very popular format. πŸ˜‰

    I think we can take TAZ to the next level…if we had just a few more people like you contributing. πŸ˜€

    @Lynda Lehmann not sure if this was directed at me but…Hi Lynda πŸ˜€
    TAZ grew out of our forum community…originally it was just a place to play games for our forum members, show off their tutorials, and just hang out. Initially everything focused on the forum, then gradually, as social networking sites started to replace forum communities, more focus was placed on this website/blog ( it was a website that turned into a blog ). And it just grew from there.

  4. All those compliments might go to my head and I might do something like post about my cat up in here. πŸ˜€ Would I do that???? Ummmm….maybe. TeeHee

    My opinions are largely the result of my upbringing. I had a Dad that had some firm standards, and he instilled those into all of his children. He was top salesman for building products at a local lumber yard and actually worked his way up to General Manager. After he retired, they opened one of those Bargain Barns for closeouts and less than perfect building products, they asked him to come work part time in the barn. He took the barn from an in the red proposition up to a million dollar a year profit business. He worked there right up until he fell, got sick and passed away. He was 81 when he died and was working full time on his 81’s birthday.

    When I went into selling crafts at fairs he told me not to sell my product, sell myself and the product would sell. It took me awhile to understand what he meant, but my sales went up considerably when I figured it out. It seems to me that if applied to anything anyone is trying to promote, the interest would increase in proportion to the interest in the promoter. I think that’s why TonyB is so successful. He shares what he’s interested in and then mentions he’s got these websites. Which, of course, was the point all along.

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