The GOAT argument you see everywhere, in every sport, and in most other entertainment situations. But, in reality, there is no such thing as ” the GOAT ”. For the most part, it’s a ridiculous debate. Because there are just too many variables you need to take into consideration. Like better conditions, better conditioning techniques, better equipment, better coaching, better training and nutrition, rule changes, positioning, time changes, and so forth.

So, unless you are a Wayne Gretzky, and hold a pile of yet unbeaten records, despite any changes, you really don’t have an argument about ” who’s the GOAT ”. In fact, Gretzky is likely the only person in all of sports and entertainment where the title ” GOAT ” might be used, and even that might be questionable. Why?

Would Gretzky have stood out back in the day of Howe, Hull, LeFleur, etc, with poorer ice conditions, heavier equipment, and how much better would Maurice Richard been if he played in the 1980’s instead of the 1940’s. You can’t really compare generations. As I said earlier, there are just too many variables.

The only thing you can really say, or debate, is who is the GOTT ( Greatest of Their Time ). And ‘ their time ‘ can vary greatly from one season/year to multiple seasons/years. For instance, a basketball player, plays one season and dominates everyone, would this exclude him from the title ” GOTT ”…certainly not.

For that one season he was the GOTT.

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