I can’t do this anymore. By “this” I mean subject myself on a daily basis to the kind of people who think only of themselves and their own pocketbooks.  They firmly believe in tax cuts and want to collect their Social Security but seem not to understand that those programs need funding. Funding that’s apparently supposed to come through stopping social welfare programs like unemployment benefits, Medicaid and of course, Welfare. Not funding social welfare programs will mean less taxes for them, and to HELL with those scumbums who are creating those higher taxes.

Offline I am familiar with many members of the Tea Party. They are the children and grandchildren of some of my home healthcare clients. Clients who receive foodstamps, Medicaid, free transportation to and from doctor appointments and help from the county and state to live on their own in apartments for which they receive rent assistance. None of which is paid for by Social Security, or their own families. When I point out to them that this is all paid for with those taxes they want reduced, they look at me as if I just sprouted another head. They don’t say much in response to my point, they just keep hollering about “welfare scum”.

As a home health aide I see how hard it is for my elderly clients to make ends meet. I’ve seen how well they can rely on the families that should be taking care of them instead of the Federal Government. I’ve seen the kind of abuse they receive when they ask. I’ve heard these families complain about Welfare Scum living large off their tax dollars and in the next breath tell their Mom or Dad to ask the case manager for more help because they “just don’t have the time.” If you ask the family member who they think are all these welfare scum they say “those people who get a free ride from Food stamps and Medicaid.”   When I ask who they think should take care of things I get told “their families, of course.” Someone explain to me what part of they’re the family who they say should step up to the plate and do something escapes them?

Their parents get Meals on Wheels because they won’t help do any cooking. Paid for by Welfare. Their parents get a home health aide because they won’t help with showers, housekeeping or transportation to and from doctors, grocery stores or drug stores. Paid for by Medicaid/Welfare. The co-pays for the medications they need to survive are paid by Medicaid. The walkers, canes, incontinence undergarments, protective furniture pads, oxygen, Life lines, hearing aides, glasses and any other item necessary for the health and well being of the elderly person are all paid for by Medicaid. All because the family is too busy to bother. Yet these same people who are too busy to bother, aren’t willing to pay higher taxes to insure that these programs have adequate funding? Are you that ignorant that you don’t understand your behavior creates the need for these programs?

I’m hearing and seeing your anger about things you have little knowledge of. I hear it from your parent when I find them crying about being ignored by you. I see it on my computer when you call others douchebags and morons because they don’t agree with you. I’ve seen you lie to stop healthcare reform by saying Death panels would be created and yet not have a single thing to say when REPUBLICANS actually created one.

I’ve watched you trash people whose only crime is that they choose not to judge others based on accusations and try to abide by a presumption of innocence guaranteed by US laws. I’ve watched you drive those people out of forums because they didn’t agree with you and advocated for reason. Something you are apparently bereft of, along with the compassion demanded by the God you say you believe in. Tell me where in the Bible does it advocate that you become rich in material things?  Doesn’t it say we should emulate Jesus? Didn’t He give EVERYTHING he had and was to mankind? I’ve seen Atheists show more compassion for those in need than I’ve ever seen from your brand of Christianity.

By all means, continue to worship the God of Capitalism and call it Compassionate Christianity. I, for one, am not going to believe you or listen to you. I’m going to be spending more time taking care of your Mom or Dad for as many hours a week as WELFARE will pay for. I’m going to breathe a cleaner air and enjoy a happier life by knowing that I’m doing what I can no matter how little it really is. I’m going to be giving my time and energy to better pursuits than arguing on the internet. I’ve got better things to do than waste my time with your greed and anger.  I’ll be spending my online time with all those godless liberals that have the compassion I find lacking in compassionate conservatives.

By Butterose

Smart assed step-mother of 3, grandmother of 3. Insane enough to have lived with Hubby for 24 years now. What can I say, I liked his kids? We share our lives with family and our cat.

4 thoughts on “Greed, Anger And Finding Compassion”
  1. I’m not spending anywhere near as much time online as I used to. It’s bad enough when you listen to them face to face, but at least they’re more careful about what they say. Online, anonymity guarantees someone is going to pick a fight and I’m tired of it. There’s just too much anger and too much intentional hurting of others.

    I listen to Christians blame the lack of prayers in schools and other public places for the ills of todays society. In the next breath they’re calling people less fortunate parasites, lazy, scum, morons, etc. I guess they don’t believe in Jesus because He did not teach this behavior.

  2. I say, it’s simply NOT BELIEVABLE how the “far right” operates.  My perception is that they are people who have been deeply wounded but are completely out of touch with their pain; in their hardening they have had to turn their backs on moderation, discourse, and rational moral imperative.  

    Indeed, the power of their recalcitrance is one of the scariest things I’ve seen on Earth.  For it’s not for lack of food and shelter, nor education and privilege, that they disdain all those of perceived  “lower stature” than they; it’s more or less just plain old misdirected anger and hatred. How can they be so self-deluded?  Don’t they know that their loud and insistent, EXTREME rhetoric ultimately REVEALS the depth of their spiritual deficit?

  3. And they sure the hell aren’t Christians when they use phrases like welfare scum. Between the utter stupidity of the families of some of my clients and a lot of the talk in Twitter, I’ve had enough.

    People pick and choose what they want to believe and to hell with the facts of the matter. Some people managed to push Keith Olbermann into suspending his account last week. He RT’d a tweet regarding Assange that had the word rape in quotations. Well, the man has not been found guilty of the charge, except in the court of public opinion. Minus the facts, of course.

    I’m certainly not going to limit contact with my clients, but I can control who I have to put up with online. Limiting myself to 1 hour a day in the evening and I will be getting rid of all those who I see lack the compassion that as Christians they should have.

    I’ve even seen topics in BC forum where the unemployed have been called lazy because they haven’t found a job. I’ve seen otherwise intelligent members say that these problems are better served by churches and families. Yeah! Right! Those families who seem to think they’re parents are a major burden on their time and those churches that are producing these Tea Baggers who seem to feel that those in need are scum. Jesus would be so proud of what we’ve done in the name of HIS religion.

  4. You tell em’ girl! 😀

    Most people are very ignorant about the economics of welfare. They think it’s free lost money. When in fact it is circulated money creating more taxes and benefiting the overall economy.

    Joe gets a welfare check…
    Joe pays his rent, buys groceries…
    the landlord benefits from this, the grocery store benefits from this…
    they, in turn spend Joe’s welfare money on groceries, rent, gas, etc…
    who in turn spend Joe’s welfare money…
    and so forth and so forth it circulates creating a more robust economy as it changes hands from one person to the next…
    each time creating tax revenue…

    from a purely economic standpoint the only ‘ bad ‘ money is the money that isn’t spent in the Country…or is borrowed from another Country…if, for instance you go to France and spend $3000 that’s $3000 that is no longer being circulated in ‘ your ‘ Country…and isn’t therefore benefiting anyone in ‘ your ‘ Country.

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