This was one of the movies I was really anticipating to see this year, in a year that has so few movies even worth the anticipation. Unfortunately the movie was an utter disappointment. It was bordering on complete boredom, mixed with despair at the thought of wasting money on buying the Blu-ray Combo pack. I even gave it a second opportunity to win me over and the second round was just as uninviting as the 1st round.

What possessed me to think this movie would be amazing, after watching it, boggles my mind. If you were to ask me what they could have done to make this movie better my answer would be ‘ EVERYTHING ‘.

When I watched Hansel and Gretel from 2013 I was not impressed either, but it was overall a fun movie with no expectations of it ever being a great movie. Most horror films, or horror-comedies, are not great masterpieces, and they’re not meant to be. You go into a horror movie looking to be entertained not thinking this movie will go down in History as a cinematic masterpiece.

The mistake I think they made here was thinking they could take a childhood horror story and make an art-horror movie out of it worthy of the Smithsonian. And they failed miserably trying at both. It failed as a horror movie and failed as an art movie.

It did however succeed at one thing, BOREDOM.

As a side note : Every single poster I’ve seen says ‘ Grim ‘, they couldn’t even get the name right, it’s ‘ Grimm ‘. As in Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm. I suppose I should have taken their carefree approach to proof-reading as a sign of what was to come.

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