WOW! I have to say I am impressed. And believe me not too many movies impress me these days. I would easily put the Guardians up against anything Marvel or DC has put out. And even more amazing is the budget. The Russians were able to put out a movie that could equal or at least rival any superhero movie out there with a budget of only 5.4 million US dollars.  Just imagine what they could have done with the budget the first Avengers movie had of 220 million.

Despite negative reviews by Russians themselves and by the International Press the Armenian filmmaker Sarik Andreasyan should be very proud of what he was able to do with a fraction of Hollywood’s budget.

The character development was good and left openings for further development, the plot was typical fare good guys against a very powerful enemy, the fight sequences weren’t over the top, and the CGI was better than most movies with 10 times the budget.

I hope they come out with a sequel, which was alluded to at the end of the movie, and not be dismayed by the critics. It’d be a shame if we don’t get a second glimpse of what could be a world class franchise.

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