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Guest Blogging, Does it Work?

I’m not really sure what a ‘ guest blogger ‘ is…ie. I’ve written over 30 articles for Broo so does that make me a proficient guest blogger? ๐Ÿ˜€ What exactly is the difference between a ‘ guest blogger ‘ and a ‘ site contributor ‘? Volume?

I think the key to guest blogging would be:

1. find a site that has ‘ more ‘ traffic than your site, preferably a site in the top 500,000 or better
2. find a site that has a better ranking
3. find a site that can give you maximum exposure ( if your article gets thrown off the front page and buried after a couple days what’s really the point? )
4. find a site where you maintain ownership of your work
5. find a site that allows you to link back to your site in the article ( as long as it’s relevant to the topic )
6. find a site that allows you a credit by-line linking back to your site ( ie. ‘ you can find more articles written by – whoever – here < your link )
7. find a site where you have some leeway as to what article topics you can contribute
8. find a site that you can contribute to at your own leisure ( without being harassed about your commitment )
9. find a site that has potential ( a site that looks like it might be heading in a positive direction creating you even more traffic and better back-links )
10. find a site that appeals to the demographic you want to drive over to your site ( ie. if you have a site on menopause you aren’t, or rather shouldn’t be, looking to contribute on a site that caters to kindergarteners, or teenage apparel, or stamp collecting, etc…you should be contributing to a site that caters to an older demographic )

If you’d like to guest blog on my main site send me a message…here, on Twitter, Facebook, Blip, or BrooWaha ( just search TheTAZZone, you’ll find me ๐Ÿ˜€ )…

according to my site statistics my site caters mostly ( but not exclusively )ย  to the younger hipper under 35, highly-educated ( go figure ๐Ÿ˜€ ) crowd, if that’s the main demographic you want to target.

Guest blogging doesn’t really help you at all unless the site you want to contribute to meets most, preferably all, of the aforementioned criteria.


Other Stuff

The one thing we don’t do very well on the net with is ‘ COOPERATION ‘. The main reason why social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are so popular is because they figured out that ‘ cooperation ‘ actually benefits them. So they build and allow apps so that each site can interact with each other and a variety of other sites. Instead of fearing the competition and isolating themselves ( like a lot of sites do, especially forum communities ) they see this cooperation as a means to expand and develop to meet an even greater audience.

There are many ways sites can follow this practice of cooperation and benefit themselves.

Here’s another way…

TAZ Friends they’ve all had their shots, are litter-box trained, and would make great pets

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